Meet the Residents of Forks: A Complete Twilight Character List

The Twilight series, created by Stephenie Meyer, features a diverse cast of characters that play pivotal roles throughout its storyline. This article provides a comprehensive list of the main characters from the series, detailing their appearances across the books and movies.

From the central figures like Bella Swan and Edward Cullen to the members of the Quileute tribe and the Volturi, we cover each character’s key contributions to the series. Whether you’re revisiting the saga or exploring it for the first time, this guide offers a clear overview of the characters who shape the world of Twilight.

NameFeatured InTypeSpecial Ability (if any)
Bella SwanAll books/moviesHuman/VampireMental shield (as a vampire)
Edward CullenAll books/moviesVampireMind reading
Jacob BlackAll books/moviesHuman/WerewolfAlpha command (as a werewolf)
Renesmee CullenBreaking DawnHalf-VampireTransmit thoughts through touch
Alice CullenAll books/moviesVampireFuture seeing (limited)
Carlisle CullenAll books/moviesVampireMedical skills, Compassion
Esme CullenAll books/moviesVampireMaternal instincts
Rosalie HaleAll books/moviesVampireBeauty
Emmett CullenAll books/moviesVampirePhysical strength
Jasper HaleAll books/moviesVampireEmotion manipulation
Charlie SwanAll books/moviesHuman
Renée DwyerTwilight, Breaking Dawn (book/movie)Human
Mike NewtonTwilight, New Moon, EclipseHuman
Jessica StanleyTwilight, New Moon, EclipseHuman
Angela WeberTwilight, New Moon, EclipseHuman
Eric YorkieTwilight, New Moon, EclipseHuman
Tyler CrowleyTwilightHuman
Billy BlackAll books/moviesHuman
Harry ClearwaterTwilight, New MoonHuman
Sue ClearwaterNew Moon, Eclipse, Breaking DawnHuman
Emily YoungNew Moon, EclipseHuman
VictoriaTwilight, New Moon, EclipseVampireEvasion
LaurentTwilight, New MoonVampire
JaneNew Moon, Eclipse, Breaking DawnVampirePain illusion
AlecNew Moon, Breaking DawnVampireSensory deprivation
AroNew Moon, Breaking DawnVampireThought reading (through touch)
CaiusNew Moon, Breaking DawnVampire
MarcusNew Moon, Breaking DawnVampireRelationship identification
IrinaBreaking DawnVampire
TanyaBreaking DawnVampire
KateBreaking DawnVampireElectric current generation
GarrettBreaking DawnVampire
CarmenBreaking DawnVampire
EleazarBreaking DawnVampireAbility identification
BenjaminBreaking DawnVampireElemental manipulation
AmunBreaking DawnVampire
KebiBreaking DawnVampire
ZafrinaBreaking DawnVampireVisual illusions
SennaBreaking DawnVampire
SiobhanBreaking DawnVampireOutcome influence (speculated)
LiamBreaking DawnVampire
MaggieBreaking DawnVampireLie detection
Riley BiersEclipseVampire
Bree TannerEclipse, The Short Second Life of Bree TannerVampire
HeidiNew Moon, Breaking DawnVampirePhysical attraction
DemetriNew Moon, Breaking DawnVampireTracking
FelixNew Moon, Breaking DawnVampirePhysical strength
ChelseaBreaking DawnVampireRelationship manipulation
AftonBreaking DawnVampireConcealment
CorinBreaking DawnVampireAddiction induction
Sam UleyNew Moon, Eclipse, Breaking DawnWerewolfAlpha command (as a werewolf)
Leah ClearwaterEclipse, Breaking DawnWerewolf
Seth ClearwaterEclipse, Breaking DawnWerewolf
Quil Ateara VEclipse, Breaking DawnWerewolf
Embry CallNew Moon, Eclipse, Breaking DawnWerewolf
Paul LahoteNew Moon, Eclipse, Breaking DawnWerewolf
Jared CameronNew Moon, Eclipse, Breaking DawnWerewolf
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