Twilight’s Caius (Volturi) – Biography, History, & Character Information

  • Name: Caius
  • Type: Vampire
  • Special Ability: No Known Power

Caius is married to fellow vampire, Athenodora. With pale skin that is almost translucent and shoulder length hair white as his skin, Caius moves with such grace that he appears to be floating. He is a leader of the Volturi along with Marcus and Aro who have special abilities each. Caius tends to be the stubborn and demanding one of the Volturri as he was ardent that Bella should not be allowed to leave Italy alive. When Aro allowed Bella to leave Volterra alive under the assumption that Edward planned to change Bella in the near future, Caius was extremely disappointed. Aro, however, assured Caius that they would again try to persuade the Cullen family to join the Volturi. Caius does not have an special gift but he is clever and devises brilliant schemes and provokes those around him into deathly fear.

Early Life & Background

Caius, one of the ancient leaders of the Volturi, has a history shrouded in the early days of vampire lore. Born around 1300 BC, his life as a human remains largely a mystery until his transformation into a vampire in his late 40s. Caius’s vampire life began at least a century before he would come to meet Aro, who later became a fellow leader in the Volturi.

His early vampire years were marked by an encounter with the Romanian coven, which led him to meet Athenodora. This meeting was significant, as Athenodora would not only become his bonded companion but also his wife. The duo traveled together before encountering Aro, who, at that time, had already established the Volturi coven with Marcus, another gifted vampire.

the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 caius battle 2

Caius was instantly drawn to the idea of aligning with Aro and Marcus, seeing an opportunity in their ambitious vision of vampire domination. Despite lacking any psychic abilities of his own, Caius brought to the Volturi his own brand of ambition and a potent capacity for hatred. These traits made him a valuable addition to Aro’s plans.

The subsequent joining of Aro’s sister, Didyme, and later Aro’s wife, Sulpicia, into the coven marked the expansion of the Volturi’s influence. Caius, along with Aro, recognized the importance of protecting their mates, especially after witnessing the devastating impact of Didyme’s death on Marcus. This event further solidified their resolve to guard their own partners diligently.

Caius’s history is also marked by a significant encounter with a werewolf, nearly costing him his life. This experience instilled in him a deep-seated hatred for werewolves, leading him to aggressively hunt them to near extinction across Europe and Asia. Additionally, he played a crucial role in the extermination of immortal children and in addressing the fallout of the Southern vampire wars.

Physical Description

Caius is distinguished by his striking vampiric appearance. He is described as having skin so pale it is almost translucent, a characteristic likened to the delicate skin of an onion. This ethereal pallor sets him apart in the vampire world, underscoring his ancient lineage and otherworldly nature.

His eyes, a dark red common to vampires who consume human blood, share a cloudy or milky quality similar to those of his fellow Volturi leaders, Aro and Marcus. This feature adds to the enigmatic and intimidating presence he commands. Caius’s hair, snow-white and shoulder-length, seamlessly blends with his skin tone, enhancing his ghostly and elegant appearance. Standing at 5’9″ tall, he carries an average build but moves with an exceptional grace that almost gives the impression he is floating, a trait that further accentuates his supernatural essence.

In the film adaptations of the “Twilight” saga, Caius is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower, whose depiction slightly deviates from the book’s description. In the films, Caius appears to be in his early 20s, with silky blond hair, providing a contrasting youthful and charming appearance. This contrasts with the book’s portrayal of Marcus, who, though transformed at a younger age, appears as a middle-aged man in the films.

As one of the Volturi’s leaders, Caius is typically seen wearing a pitch-black cloak, a sartorial choice that symbolizes his position and authority within the coven. This attire contributes to his imposing demeanor, reinforcing his status as a figure of power and ruthlessness in the vampire hierarchy.

Personality and Traits

Caius is characterized by his ruthless and ambitious nature. Unlike his co-leaders, Caius stands out as the most merciless, often advocating for the harshest measures in any given situation. This aspect of his personality is pivotal in his role within the Volturi, often positioning him at the forefront of the coven’s punitive missions.

twilight new moon caius on throne

His inclination towards cruelty is further highlighted by his enjoyment of the suffering of others, particularly in the context of enforcing the Volturi’s laws. Caius takes pleasure in having Jane, a fellow Volturi member with the ability to inflict pain, torture those who have transgressed against their rules, demonstrating a sadistic streak in his character.

Beyond his ruthlessness, Caius is known for his insecurities, which manifest in his thirst for power and control over the vampire world. This trait is a key driver behind his actions and decisions, as he seeks to assert his authority and dominance within the vampire hierarchy.

In terms of his interactions with other Volturi members, Caius shows a willingness to challenge Aro, the unofficial leader, on decisions he disagrees with. However, his ultimate subservience to Aro’s wishes is largely influenced by Chelsea, another Volturi member whose power emotionally binds Caius to Aro. This binding prevents Caius from considering an overthrow of Aro’s leadership, thus maintaining the internal power dynamics of the Volturi.

Caius’s disdain for a vegetarian lifestyle and his deep-rooted hatred of werewolves also shape his personality. He finds the concept of vampires subsisting on animal blood repugnant, aligning with his traditionalist views on vampire nature and lifestyle.

In “Breaking Dawn,” Caius’s character is further explored through his reaction to the Renesmee crisis. Outvoted in the decision-making process, he nonetheless finds an opportunity to incite violence through the execution of Irina for false accusations, revealing his manipulative and strategic thinking.

Powers and Abilities

Caius stands apart from his counterparts, Aro and Marcus, in the realm of supernatural abilities. Unlike Aro, who possesses the power of tactile telepathy, or Marcus, who can see the strength of relationships, Caius does not have any psychic gifts. However, his lack of supernatural abilities does not diminish his significant role within the Volturi hierarchy.

Caius’s power lies in his other vampiric traits and his strategic mindset. He possesses the enhanced physical capabilities inherent to all vampires, such as superhuman strength, speed, and immortality. These physical attributes make him a formidable opponent in any conflict, contributing to his fearsome reputation.

the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 caius

His lack of special abilities is compensated by his strategic acumen and ruthlessness. Caius’s role in planning and leading the Volturi’s punitive expeditions showcases his ability to navigate complex situations and execute decisions with precision. He is often at the forefront of these missions, leveraging his physical prowess and strategic mind to maintain order and enforce the laws of the vampire world.

Caius’s influence within the Volturi also stems from his deep understanding of vampire politics and his dedication to the coven’s objectives. His commitment to the Volturi’s cause and his ability to inspire fear and obedience in others further cement his position as a key player in the coven’s leadership.

Additionally, Caius’s experience as a vampire, spanning several millennia, has endowed him with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in vampire lore and history. This knowledge, coupled with his physical and strategic capabilities, makes him a respected and feared leader within the vampire community.

Key Relationships


Athenodora is Caius’s wife, with whom he shares a deep and enduring bond. They first met during the rule of the Romanian coven, and since then, have traveled together as a bonded pair. Their relationship is characterized by mutual devotion and a shared vision for the Volturi’s dominance in the vampire world. After the death of Aro’s sister Didyme, Caius and Aro realized the vulnerability of their loved ones and took extensive measures to protect their wives. Despite his ruthless nature, Caius’s commitment to Athenodora’s safety and well-being is unwavering, demonstrating a softer side to his otherwise hardened persona.


Aro, the unofficial leader of the Volturi, and Caius have a complex relationship. Caius was attracted to the idea of joining forces with Aro and Marcus due to their gifts and ambitions. Despite having no psychic talent himself, Caius’s ambition and capacity for hatred intrigued Aro, leading to a powerful alliance. While they work together to enforce the laws of the vampire world, Caius occasionally disagrees with Aro’s decisions. However, his subservience to Aro is largely maintained by Chelsea’s binding powers, which emotionally tie Caius to Aro, preventing any potential overthrow attempts.


Marcus, a co-leader of the Volturi and one of its founding members, shares a business-like relationship with Caius. Although initially hesitant about Caius joining the Volturi due to his intense and bloodthirsty nature, Marcus eventually accepted him into the coven. Caius respects Marcus’s abilities and contributions to the Volturi, but their interaction is primarily professional. Since the death of Marcus’s wife, Didyme, Marcus has become apathetic, and Caius tends to disregard his presence, focusing instead on maintaining the Volturi’s power and enforcing their laws.


Chelsea, a member of the Volturi with the ability to manipulate emotional bonds, plays a pivotal role in Caius’s allegiance to the coven. Her power binds Caius emotionally to Aro, ensuring his loyalty and quelling any aspirations Caius might have to challenge Aro’s leadership. This relationship underscores the complex dynamics within the Volturi and the use of unique vampire abilities to maintain order and loyalty among its members.

Role in the Twilight Saga

Twilight & Midnight Sun: While Caius does not make a physical appearance in the first book of the saga or its counterpart told from Edward’s perspective, his presence and influence are acknowledged. Edward Cullen mentions him when he reveals to Bella the existence of the Volturi, a powerful coven that enforces the laws of the vampire world, thus introducing the pivotal role the Volturi will play in the series.

twilight new moon caius on throne closeup

New Moon: Caius makes his first appearance in New Moon, where his character is fully introduced. As one of the leaders of the Volturi, he demonstrates his ruthlessness and commitment to their laws. Caius insists that Bella, a human privy to the vampire world, should not be allowed to leave Volterra alive. His insistence on her execution showcases his merciless approach to maintaining secrecy in the vampire world. In the film adaptation, Caius remains a background figure but is integral in the scenes depicting Volturi’s judgment.

Eclipse: In Eclipse, Caius is mentioned by Jane, another Volturi member, indicating his ongoing interest in Bella’s transformation into a vampire and underscoring the Volturi’s continued surveillance of the situation.

Breaking Dawn: Caius’s role becomes more prominent in Breaking Dawn. During the “immortal child” crisis, he travels with the Volturi to Forks, Washington. Despite finding that Renesmee is not an immortal child but a half-human, half-vampire, Caius is in favor of a confrontation with the Cullens. He manipulates the situation by executing Irina for false accusations, attempting to incite violence. His actions highlight his preference for conflict and his strategic approach to expanding the Volturi’s power. In the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” film, he is shown in Alice’s vision where he meets a violent end, illustrating his involvement and significance in the potential conflict.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined: In Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, the alternative version of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight with gender-swapped characters, Caius’s storyline diverges significantly from the original series. In this reimagined narrative, following the murder of Didyme, Aro’s sister, a crucial plot twist occurs. Sulpicia, Aro’s wife, gains the ability to read minds through her servant Mele, who possesses the unique gift of transferring abilities. This newfound power leads Sulpicia to uncover Caius’s involvement in the conspiracy leading to Didyme’s death. As a result of this betrayal, Caius faces execution at the hands of the Volturi, marking a stark contrast to his fate in the original “Twilight” saga. Subsequently, his wife Athenodora steps into a more prominent role, joining forces with Sulpicia and Marcus to lead the Volturi’s forces.

Leadership of the Volturi

Within the enigmatic and powerful Volturi, the ancient vampire coven based in Volterra, Italy, Caius holds a position of significant influence and authority. As one of the three ancient leaders of the Volturi, alongside Aro and Marcus, Caius contributes to the coven’s leadership with his distinct traits and approach to governance.

the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 caius walking

Caius is renowned for his ruthless and uncompromising nature. Unlike Aro, who is often seen as the face of the Volturi due to his charismatic and diplomatic demeanor, Caius embodies the coven’s more merciless aspects. He is widely recognized as the most ruthless among the Volturi leaders, known for his preference for draconian measures in dealing with offenders of the vampire laws. This trait positions him at the forefront of the Volturi’s punitive missions, where he relishes the role of enforcer.

His leadership style is marked by a straightforward and unyielding approach to the Volturi’s laws and policies. Caius’s dedication to maintaining order and secrecy within the vampire world often leads him to advocate for battles and executions as a means of upholding their authority. This approach underscores the Volturi’s reputation as strict enforcers of the vampire laws, a reputation that Caius upholds with a firm hand.

Despite his formidable presence, Caius’s leadership is also characterized by his subservience to Aro’s decisions. While he occasionally challenges Aro’s views, ultimately, his loyalty to Aro and the coven’s goals remains unwavering. This dynamic within the Volturi’s leadership is partly maintained by Chelsea, another Volturi member, whose power binds Caius emotionally to Aro, ensuring his allegiance to the coven’s cause.

Legacy & Reception

Caius’s character in the Twilight saga has left a distinct imprint within the series, particularly in how the Volturi are perceived and their role in the overarching narrative. As one of the three leaders of the Volturi, Caius embodies the darker, more ruthless side of vampire governance and law enforcement. His unyielding nature and preference for severe punishment have significantly shaped the portrayal of the Volturi as the formidable and feared authority within the vampire world.

the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 caius battle

In terms of reception, Caius stands out as a character that represents the complexities of power and morality in the saga. His portrayal as a merciless leader who delights in punitive measures against those who break vampire laws adds depth to the story’s exploration of authority and justice in the supernatural realm. His character challenges the traditional notions of villainy, providing a nuanced view of what it means to uphold laws and order in a world where immortality and supernatural powers are the norm.

Caius’s role in the film adaptations of the Twilight series, portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower, brought a different dimension to the character. Bower’s portrayal, especially in terms of physical appearance and demeanor, offered a contrast to the book’s description of Caius, adding to the character’s on-screen appeal and presence. This portrayal has been well-received by audiences and fans of the series, further cementing Caius’s place in the Twilight universe.

Overall, Caius’s legacy in the Twilight saga is one that highlights the darker aspects of vampire society and the moral ambiguities that come with absolute power. His character adds a layer of intensity and fear to the narrative, making him a memorable figure in the series and contributing to the rich tapestry of characters that have captivated readers and viewers worldwide.

Film Portrayal

In the film adaptations of the Twilight saga, Caius is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower, who brings a distinct interpretation to the character. Bower’s portrayal of Caius in New Moon, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 provides a visual and performative depth to the character that diverges in certain aspects from the book’s description.

In the films, Caius is depicted with a more youthful appearance than the one described in the books. Bower’s Caius, with his silky blond hair and early 20s visage, contrasts with the book character’s shoulder-length snow-white hair and age described as being transformed in his late 40s. This visual representation lends a different dynamic to the character, offering a more charming yet still intimidating presence.

Bower’s portrayal emphasizes Caius’s ambition and ruthlessness, key traits of the character’s personality in the saga. He captures the essence of Caius’s leadership within the Volturi, showcasing the character’s stern demeanor and his unwavering commitment to vampire laws and traditions. The portrayal is particularly noteworthy in scenes that depict Caius’s interaction with other Volturi members and his reaction to the challenges posed by the Cullen family and their allies.

Actor Biography

  • Name: Jamie Campbell-Bower
  • Nick Name(s): Unknown
  • Date of Birth: November 22nd 1988
  • Height: Unknown
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Eye Color: Green

Fun Fact: Lead Singer of the band The Darling Buds

Hometown(s): London, UK

Career: Jamie Campbell-Bower’s acting career started off with a big time Hollywood movie, Sweeny Todd. However, his role was minimal and few remember seeing him in the movie. He next starred in RocknRolla and Oorlogswinter. His few TV appearances include The Dinner Party and two episodes on The Prisoner. His upcoming movies are New Moon where he will play Volturi vampire leader Caius, and the rumored Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part I & II where he will play Gellert Grindelwald.

About Them: Jamie Bower growing up was a member of the National Youth Music Theatre. He began his acting career when a family friend, Laura Michelle Kelly, introduced him to her agent which landed Jamie a role in Sweeny Todd. He has also been a full time model with Select Model Management in London and attend Bedales School.

Quick Quote: “People don’t get it, they think I’m rich. I’m not! I have no money!”

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