Meet the Cullens: A Comprehensive Guide to Twilight’s Vampire Olympic Coven

Welcome to the vampire family reunion you never knew you needed – but beware, it’s less about blood feuds and more about blood types. In the world of Twilight, the Cullen clan isn’t your typical next-door family, unless your neighbors are centuries-old, sparkly-skinned, and have a penchant for wildlife (and not in the way you might expect). From the brooding heartthrob Edward to the matriarch Esme, each Cullen has a story more intriguing than your average undead. In this guide, we’re sinking our teeth (pun intended) into every member of the Cullen coven. So, grab your garlic (just kidding, that won’t work here) and let’s meet the family that puts the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional and the ‘ire’ in vampire.

Coven Members

  • Carlisle Cullen – The patriarch of the family, Carlisle is over 300 years old and works as a doctor. He’s known for his compassion and is the one who turned most of the other members into vampires.
  • Esme Cullen – Carlisle’s wife, she acts as the loving mother figure of the family. Esme was turned into a vampire by Carlisle after a suicide attempt following the death of her child.
  • Edward Cullen – The brooding and romantic protagonist who falls in love with Bella Swan. Edward was turned by Carlisle during the Spanish Influenza epidemic when he was near death.
  • Alice Cullen – Known for her spunky, vibrant personality and ability to see the future. Alice was turned by an unknown vampire and later joined the Cullens with her mate, Jasper.
  • Jasper Hale – Married to Alice, he has the ability to manipulate emotions. Jasper has a difficult past as he was previously a major in the Confederate Army and later transformed into a vampire to control newborn armies.
  • Rosalie Hale – Fiercely independent and protective, Rosalie was turned by Carlisle after she was left for dead following an attack by her fiancé. She is married to Emmett.
  • Emmett Cullen – Known for his strength and playful nature, Emmett was saved and turned by Rosalie after being mauled by a bear.
  • Isabella “Bella” Swan Cullen – Initially a human, Bella is the main protagonist of the Twilight series. She falls in love with Edward Cullen and eventually becomes a vampire herself. Bella’s transformation occurs in “Breaking Dawn” after the birth of her daughter, Renesmee.
  • Renesmee “Nessie” Cullen – The half-human, half-vampire daughter of Edward and Bella. She grows at an accelerated rate and has the ability to show people her thoughts by touching them.


Early 17th Century: The saga begins with young Carlisle Cullen. In a stroke of tragic irony, he’s turned into a vampire while hunting…vampires. Talk about a career switch! Rejecting the usual vampire diet, Carlisle pioneers the animal blood diet, basically making him the first vampire vegetarian. Trendsetter!

1918: Enter Edward Cullen. Initially a victim of the Spanish Influenza, he’s given a second shot at life (or eternal undeath) by Carlisle. Waking up as a vampire, Edward probably had a lot of questions, like “Why am I so pale?” and “Why do I feel like sparkling?”

1921: Esme’s entry is more of a rescue mission. After a tragic suicide attempt, Carlisle saves her by turning her into a vampire. She wakes up to a whole new undead world and eventually falls for Carlisle. They tie the knot, proving that love bites but can also be eternal. True love or Stockholm syndrome? You decide.

1933: Rosalie Hale is next. After a brutal assault, Carlisle turns her, hoping she could be a companion for Edward. But Rosalie had other plans, like revenge and finding Emmett, who was busy getting mauled by a bear. She brings him to Carlisle, essentially saying, “I found this. Can we keep him?” And thus, Emmett becomes a vampire.

1950: Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale appear, and they’re quite the package. Alice, with her future-seeing abilities, probably knew she’d join the Cullens way before it happened. Jasper, bringing some emotional depth (literally, he manipulates emotions), adds another layer to the Cullen clan dynamics and making him the perfect candidate for handling awkward family dinners.

Fast forward to the 2000s, and Bella Swan walks into the picture, turning the Cullen world upside down. She falls for Edward, sparking the most talked-about love triangle with Jacob Black, the local werewolf. Because in Forks, why settle for ordinary teenage drama when you can have supernatural love triangles?

Post-Bella’s Arrival: Edward decides to leave Bella for ‘vampire reasons’ in New Moon, leading to Jacob’s werewolf emo phase and Bella’s cliff-diving hobbies. In “Eclipse,” Bella makes her choice (Team Edward, for the win!), and in Breaking Dawn, they get married, have a half-vampire child (Renesmee), and inadvertently invite trouble with the Volturi.

The grand finale involves a misunderstanding with the Volturi, who mistake Renesmee for an immortal child. Alice, ever the problem solver, brings in another half-human, half-vampire to clear the air. Crisis averted, and the Cullens live to see another (eternal) day.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined is Stephenie Meyer’s gender-swapped version of the original Twilight story. In this version, most of the Cullen family members remain the same, with the exception of their names and genders being altered. Here’s a list of the Cullen coven members based on this reimagined narrative:

  1. Carine Cullen (formerly Carlisle Cullen): The compassionate leader of the coven, Carine plays the role of a doctor and is the one who turned most of the coven members into vampires.
  2. Earnest Cullen (formerly Esme Cullen): The loving and caring figure of the coven, and Carine’s partner. Earnest is known for his deep love and care for all family members.
  3. Edythe Cullen (formerly Edward Cullen): The central character of “Life and Death,” Edythe is the vampire who falls in love with the human, Beau Swan.
  4. Royal Hale (formerly Rosalie Hale): Maintaining her beauty and grace, Royal is a bit vain but deeply cares for the family.
  5. Eleanor Cullen (formerly Emmett Cullen): Known for her strength and playful nature, Eleanor is in a relationship with Royal.
  6. Jessamine Hale (formerly Jasper Hale): The newest member of the coven, struggling with the lifestyle of feeding only on animal blood, and has the ability to influence emotions.
  7. Archie Cullen (formerly Alice Cullen): Known for being quirky and loving, Archie has the ability to see the future and is in a relationship with Jessamine.
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