Twilight’s Harry Clearwater – Biography, History, & Character Information

  • Name: Harry Clearwater
  • Type: Human
  • Special Ability: None

Harry Clearwater was an elder of the Quileute tribe who dies of a heart attack in New Moon. His family consists of Sue, his wife, and children Leah and Seth. Once Bella discovers Jacob’s transformation into a werewolf, Harry helps keep Charlie Swan safe for Bella by inviting Charlie over at the reservation.

The day Bella throws herself off of the cliff Harry suffered a fatal heart attack. Known for his “famous fish fries” Harry was a close friend of Charlie Swan as they were old fishing buddies who couldn’t be separated. He jokingly dealt with his habit of eating badly which caused his high cholesterol and was able to put the people around him at ease.

Early History

Harry Clearwater was a respected member of the Quileute tribe, living in La Push, a community near Forks, Washington. He was deeply involved in the tribal affairs and was one of the few members aware of the tribe’s werewolf legacy. He was married to Sue Clearwater and had two children, Leah and Seth, who later become werewolves.

Actor Biography

  • Name: Graham Greene
  • Nick Name(s): None
  • Date of Birth: June 22nd 1952
  • Height: 5′ 10 1/2″
  • Hair: Grey
  • Eye Color: Brown

Fun Fact: Graham prides himself in being a successful Native American actor who is not limited by only doing western genre films

Hometown(s): Ohsweken, Six Nations Reserve, Ontario, Canada; Hamilton, Canada

Career: Graham Greene has seen his share of films and stage productions. Appearing in countless TV shows, TV movies, and major motion pictures Graham Greene knows what he is doing when it comes to acting. Some of his well know films and features include Running Brave, dances with Wolves (he was nominated for an award for his role as Kicking Bird), Medicine River, Northern Exposure, The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon, Murder, She Wrote, Maverick, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, The Green Mile, Snow Dogs, Cover Me, Into the West, and Numb3rs. Now cast as Harry Clearwater for the Twilight sequel New Moon we will see more of this great actor November 2009.

About Them: Graham Greene is an Oneida Indian born on the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada to parents Lillian and John Greene (who was an ambulance driver and maintenance man.) Greene first hit the entertainment industry when he was an audio technician for rock bands based in Newfoundland and Labrador going by the alias Mabes. Graham graduated from The Centre for Indigenous Theatre’s Native Theatre School program in 1974 and immediately started acting in the theaters in Toronto and England. In 2008 Graham was awarded an honorary doctor of law degree from Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario Canada, close to the Oneida reserve.

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