Brandon Sanderson Has Revealed the Title of Secret Project #5

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Secret Project #5 – if you want the title, setting, and characters to remain a surprise when the book releases, watch out!

Brandon Sanderson revealed the title and read multiple chapters of his new secret project last night on his YouTube. The excerpts he chose were all from the beginning of the book, naturally, and do a good job giving a clear idea of the story’s characters, setting, and direction.

The books title is currently “Isles of the Ember Dark”, although Brandon also stated it could end up just being “Ember Dark”. The Ember Dark refers to a particularly mysterious and dangerous area within Shadesmar: in the excerpts Brandon read, it’s described as part of a vast emptiness where the ground can become incorporeal, turning into a misty nothingness. The story is a dual narrative, following the dragon Sterling — trapped in human form on a spaceship traversing Shadesmar — and the human Dusk, who we know from the short story Sixth of the Dusk.

This will be our second close look at the Cosmere’s space age, with the recent Sunlit Man having provided our first glimpse of spaceships and non-perpendicularity interplanetary travel. I guess Brandon just couldn’t wait to show us what he’d cooked up in the Cosmere’s future — and I suspect I’m not alone in being grateful for the chance to see it.

The new secret project is available as part of the Words of Radiance leatherbound Backerkit, but it also currently appears to be available by itself in Ebook, Audiobook, or as part of a Secret Project kit; folks who don’t want to shell out big bucks for fancy hardcovers can still their hands on the Secret Project when it releases.

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