Twilight’s Renesmee Cullen – Biography, History, & Character Information

  • Name: Renesmee Carlie Cullen
  • Type: Half Vampire and Half Human
  • Special Ability: Tactile Thought Projection and Anti-shield.

Born on September 10, 2006, Renesmee Carlie Cullen is a vampire/human hybrid, and a member of the Olympic Coven. She is the daughter of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, and the imprintee of Jacob Black. Renesmee is considered to be Edward and Bella’s “miracle”, because of what it took to keep her and her mother alive through the pregnancy.

Renesmee is depicted as being very beautiful. She is described as having the facial features of her father, Edward, (high cheekbones, straight nose and full lips) as well as his unusual bronze hair color. However, she inherited curly hair from her grandfather, Charlie Swan, portrayed as ringlets that fall past her waist. Her eyes are described as chocolate brown, just like her mother, Bella’s, were while she was still human. She has pale skin, which has a blush to it because her heart pumps blood (though it beats faster than a normal human heart). Her skin is as tough as a vampire’s, but her temperature seems to be unusually warm, only a few degrees below that of a werewolf.

Early History

After Edward and Bella are married, they spend their honeymoon on an island the Cullen family owns off the coast Rio de Janeiro: Isle Esme, a gift from Carlisle to Esme. At this point, Edward can’t deny Bella the human experience of sex any longer despite his fear of harming her, as they had a deal, and they engage in sex on several occasions. After finding tampons in her bag, she notices that her period is 5 days late, and a hard, growing, bump protruding from her hips, realizing she is pregnant. Bella refuses to have an abortion, determined to carry the child, trusting that Edward will save her by turning her into a vampire after she gives birth and that Carlisle will save the baby if something goes wrong.

Bella gives birth to Renesmee and she almost dies while doing it. But as always, Edward´s there to save her and Bella becomes a vampire and both Bella and Renesmee made it through without anyone dying.

Actor Biography

  • Name: Mackenzie Christine Foy
  • Nick Name(s): Kenzie, Kenz
  • Date of Birth: November 10th, 2000
  • Height: 4′ 4″ (1.32 m)
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue / Green

Fun Fact: When Mackenzie grow up she wants to be a movie director.

Career: Mackenzie started modeling in 2005 at the age of 4 and she´s been working for Garnet Hill, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Guess Kids. She also modeled in print ads for companies for example Rubbermaid, Jones Apparel Group, The Walt Disney Company, Mattel, Target Corporation, Talbots, Guess and Gap. But she started acting at the edge of 7 and she´s appeared in many fun commercials, including Burger King, Kohl’s, BlackBerry, Comcast, and Pantene. She guest starred on the television shows Strong Medicine, Charmed, ‘Til Death, Hawaii Five-0, FlashForward. But it´s now that she really is breaking through in the buissness, since she got the role as Renesmee. Many people thinks she´s going to be following the footsteps of other child actresses and becoming a huge star in Hollywood.

About Them: Not that much information about Mackenzie has been posted on the internet yet, only the simple stuff. Mackenzie was born November 10th 2000 and since then she´s been doing extremely well in her career and as it says above she´s been modeling for many years. But that is not what Mackenzie wants to do when she grow up. Because she wants to be a movie director. Her favourite food is Macaroni & Cheese and of course Ice Cream. Her favourite color is also purple and the people around her have said that little Mackenzie is very smart, funny and easily-directed. She doesn´t have any kind of account on internet, neither twitter or facebook, so don´t get fooled by someone who says otherwise.

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