Twilight’s Charlie Swan – Biography, History, & Character Information

  • Name: Charlie Swan
  • Type: Human
  • Special Ability: None

Charlie Swan is the father of Bella Swan and works as the chief police officer in Forks, Washington. His hobbies include fishing with Harry Clearwater and Billy Black, as well as watching various sports, mostly baseball and basketball, on TV. Charlie married his high school sweetheart, Bella’s mother Renée, just after they both graduated high school. They had Bella within the year but their marriage was rocky. Renée divorced Charlie not long after Bella’s birth and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, along with little Bella. Despite the divorce, Charlie was still in love with Renée, but had gotten past the fact that she did not love him anymore.

He slowly became accustomed to living alone, except when Bella started to visit him in the summer. When Bella was seventeen, she moved to Forks, Washington to live with Charlie. Initially, Charlie is accepting of Edward as his daughter’s boyfriend, but after the events in Twilight and New Moon he blames Edward for Bella’s stunt “move” to Phoenix and the deep depression that Bella went into after Edward left her.

Charlie is forever grateful to Jacob because he was a great and close friend to Bella during her difficult times, and Charlie makes it clear that he’d rather Bella choose Jacob over Edward. When Bella and Edward agree to tell Charlie about their engagement he reluctantly agrees to the marriage as long as Renée agreed. Charlie continues to stay in Bella’s life after her transformation although he does not know it until he is invited to come and see his granddaughter, Renesmee. At the end of the saga Charlie and Sue Clearwater appear to have developed a romantic relationship.

Actor Biography

  • Name: William Albert Burke
  • Nick Name(s): Billy
  • Date of Birth: November 25th 1966
  • Height: 6′ 0 ½”
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Eye Color: Brown

Fun Fact: Billy’s first career choice is becoming a rock star.

Hometown(s): Bellingham, Washington; Los Angeles, California

Career: Billy appeared in his first theater production while studying at his high school, Sehome High School. He then performed in Seattle at the Annex Theater, New City Festival, and the A.H.A. Theater. He made his feature film debut in the independent film DareDreamer, and then moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in singing and acting. He then appeared in such films as Mafia!, Marshal Law, and Roman Paris. He has made guest appearances on such television shows as Party of Five, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Law & Order, Wonderland, Gilmore Girls, Monk, My Boys, Fringe, and a reoccurring guest role of Gary Matheson in the hit series 24. Some of his newer motion picture roles included Ladder 49, Forfeit, Fracture, Untraceable, The Grift, and Twilight. His next expected roles are appearing again as Charlie Swan in New Moon and Baby O, due out later this year.

About Them: William Albert Burke was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington. Billy began singing at age nine and joined his first band at fifteen. He continued on with his work with bands and study/performing drama at Western Washington University. It was there that Billy realized his true love of acting. Billy learned to play poker when he was about nine years old. He is also one of the “famous faces” on the online poker website, Hollywood Poker. One of Billy’s favorite books is Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. In 2008, one of Billy’s favorite up-and-coming directors was Catherine Hardwicke who made the films Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown. Billy’s favorite artists include Amos Lee, Ben Folds, Ray LaMontagne, Tom Waits, Brandi Carlile, Jackson Browne, Band of Horses, and Placebo among others.

Quick Quote: “If I were motivated only by a desire to please everyone, I’m sure the result would be pathetic and I’d probably end up guzzling bleach in my trailer.”

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