Twilight’s Lucy – Biography, History, & Character Information

  • Name: Lucy
  • Type: Vampire
  • Special Ability: None

Lucy was a southern vampire who was in and worked with Maria’s coven with Nettie and Jasper. She was eventually killed by Jasper and Maria. Lucy is a tall, pale, and blond, creating a stunning appearance. In the coven, Lucy helped put together an army for Maria. However, Lucy turned on her and was then killed.

Early History

As a member of Maria’s coven we do not know much about Lucy’s past. Lucy’s story is primarily tied to the vampire wars in the Southern United States. These wars are mentioned in the main Twilight books but are explored in more detail in The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. The Southern vampire wars involve various vampire covens fighting for territory and influence, often by creating “newborn” vampire armies – newly turned vampires who are at their most powerful and aggressive.

In the novella, it’s mentioned that Lucy, along with Nettie, tried to betray Maria. However, their plan was uncovered, and both Lucy and Nettie were destroyed by Jasper and Maria. This incident is part of Jasper’s dark and violent history before he joins the more peaceful and “vegetarian” lifestyle of the Cullens.

Actor Biography

  • Name: Kirsten Prout
  • Nick Name(s): None
  • Date of Birth: September 28th 1990
  • Height: 5′ 4″
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Hazel

Fun Fact: Speaks both French and English

Hometown(s): Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Career: Kirsten Prout started acting at the tender age of ten. Known as the actress in the show Kyle XY, Kirtsen is also recognized for her role in the film Elektra, which starred stars Jennifer Garner and Goran Visnjic. Kirsten has also been involved with Stargate SG-1 as Nesa. Kirsten now takes on the role of Lucy in the Twilight Saga’s Eclipse.

About Them: Kirsten considers her taste in music to be eclectic. Her favorite class in school has been philosophy (maybe we’ll get an intellectual actor!). Kirsten dreams of going to a university while doing movies on the side. She is the older sister of Jenn Prout. Kirtsen stays busy with Tae Kwan Do and track and field.

Quick Quote: “Okay, I am team Edward, I am sorry Jacob fans but it’s Edward, they are meant to be together.”

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