Twilight’s Emmett Cullen – Biography, History, & Character Information

  • Name: Emmett Cullen
  • Type: Vampire
  • Special Ability: None

Emmett Cullen, originally born Emmett McCarty adopted son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, adopted brother of Edward, Alice, and Jasper, and Rosalie’s husband. Known for his bear like appearance, Emmett is described as being tall, burly, extremely muscular, and to most humans, the most intimidating of his adoptive siblings. He has slightly curly dark hair and dimpled cheeks. He loves to tease the people he loves and uses his intimidating presence to sometimes push some issues.

Early History

In 1935 while living in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Emmett, who was then twenty, was mauled by a bear. The injuries from the attack were so severe that he would not live. He was found by Rosalie, who had been hunting in the area at the time. Seeing Emmett she was reminded of her friend’s baby having the same curls, dimples, and innocent appearance. Refusing to let Emmett die, Rosalie carried him over a hundred miles to Appalachia back to Carlisle Cullen, asking him to spare Emmett’s life by turning him into a vampire. Emmett joined Carlisle’s coven, but initially had trouble adjusting to the family’s diet of animal blood. Emmett is at first wary of Bella, knowing Edward’s internal struggle with her and eventually romantic relationship, but eventually warms up to her. He often teases her for her clumsiness and constant blushing, and eventually votes in favor of her becoming a vampire. Emmett’s teasing continues until Bella beats him in an arm wrestling match when she is a newborn vampire in Breaking Dawn.

Actor Biography

  • Name: Kellan Christopher Lutz
  • Nick Name(s): Krazy Kellan
  • Date of Birth: March 15th 1985
  • Height: 6’ 1”
  • Hair: Curly Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue

Fun Fact: Kellan is fluent in Spanish and can speak some Latin.

Hometown(s): Dickinson, North Dakota; Arizona; Los Angeles, California

Kellan Lutz originally started modeling at the age of 13 for Abercrombie & Fitch, but a career change was on the horizon. After graduating from high school Kellan moved to Los Angeles for college, but started acting once he arrived and he has never stopped. If he had never picked up acting, Kellan wanted to either get a degree in Chemical Engineering or become a Navy SEAL. Kellan has had numerous small roles on television shows and smaller movies until his major debut as Emmett Cullen in Twilight came in November 2008. He can also be seen in Warrior, New Moon, and Afterlife.

About Them: Born in Dickinson, North Dakota but raised mostly in Arizona, Kellan Lutz appears to be a rather typical guy his age-minus that he has 7 siblings. Kellan is the middle child with one sister and six brothers. In his free time Kellan loves to take part in extreme skateboarding & tricks, weight training, track, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, racquetball, badminton, snow skiing, snowboarding, dance, and numerous other activities. His ideal breakfast is cinnamon toast crunch with some good old steak and eggs. Taco Bell is his favorite junk food and was already good friends with Twilight co-stars Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone before filming Twilight.

Quick Quote: “I bet on everything. Everything. It’s just like, ‘I bet you I can spin my chair longer.’ Everything, I say ‘I bet you.’ I love to win.”

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