Twilight’s Marcus (Volturi) – Biography, History, & Character Information

  • Name: Marcus
  • Type: Vampire
  • Special Ability: Can sense relationships

Marcus was once one of the prominent leaders of the Volturi in Volterra, Italy. He has the ability to sense relationships and his former wife who is now deceased, Didyme, had the ability to make others happy. After the sudden and shocking death of Didyme Marcus became extremely apathetic and disinterested in life. As a result he voted against destroying little Renesmee in an ‘almost bored fashion’ without so much as a glance to the Cullens and their allies. Marcus has jett black hair with the fiery red eyes.

Stephenie Meyer says this of Marcus’ ability:

“Marcus’s gift is actually quite valuable in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. For example, imagine Marcus on the battle field. He sees the binding ties between the enemy the guard faces. He can tell who the leader is just by watching the way the others are tied to him or her. He can see how to destroy the resistance simply by picking off a few key people. He doesn’t just see romantic relationships, but also ties of family and friends, loyalty and devotion. He can tell if any given person would die for another. Off the field of battle (as the Volturi rarely leave their home), Marcus’s gift is valuable politically (for lack of a better word). It’s an amazing gift in a diplomatic situation. Plus, when you’re sitting on an empire, it’s nice to be able to see when someone’s loyalty starts wavering. Or if anyone is getting too fond of anyone else. Can you see the potential now? Marcus didn’t get where he is with some fluff skill.”

Stephenie Meyer

Early History

Nothing is known about much of Marcus’ early history. We do know that he was a vampire not long after Aro’s transformation and joined him promptly in the quest for power. After Didyme’s transformation by her brother Aro Marcus fell in love and married her but it wasn’t long before a jealous and angry Aro murdered his own sister, Didyme, for the sake of power. Whether unfortunately or fortunately, Marcus never knew Aro had been the one who killed Didyme.

Actor Biography

  • Name: Christopher Heyerdahl
  • Nick Name(s): Chris
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Height: 6′ 4″
  • Hair: Reddish Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue

Fun Fact: Christopher can speak French and Norwegian

Hometown(s): British Columbia, Canada

Career: Christopher has had a long and satisfying career on the screen. With roles in such shows as 21 Jump Street, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Just Cause, Andromeda, StarGate SG1, Kingdom Hospital, Smallville, Into the West, and StarGate: Atlantis. His movies boast of Warriors, Fish Out of Water, Babel, Nuremberg, Aftermath, The Chronicles of Riddick, Catwoman, The Outlander, Cadavres, and now New Moon where he will play the role of Marcus, a leader of the Volturi.

About Them: Christopher Heyerdahl was born to a Scottish mother and a Norwegian father. Christopher is the nephew of Norwegian explorer, anthropologist and author, Thor Heyerdahl. Born in the mountains of British Columbia, making him a first generation Canadian, Chris is also a gifted hockey player and was once asked to play for the Ottawa Senators.

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