Twilight’s Riley Biers – Biography, History, & Character Information

  • Name: Riley Biers
  • Type: Vampire
  • Special Ability: None

Riley was among the first humans that Victoria changed into a vampire as she formed her army. Victoria convinced Riley that she loved him and convinced him to serve her faithfully. Riley’s job consisted of corralling the other new vampires, telling them what their mission was, and what they were supposed to do.

It was Riley who came into Bella’s room to get her scent in Eclipse and spared Charlie’s life because he was mature enough to resist a human’s blood. It was Riley that had to face Edward in the clearing. Edward tried to convince him to give up the fight by telling him that Victoria really only still loved her dead mate James, but Victoria’s grip on Riley’s was too strong. Riley then tried to attack Edward, but Seth Clearwater got to Riley before he could and together Seth and Edward killed Riley.

Early History

Riley was a young man from Forks, Washington. His life before transformation was that of a typical human teenager. Not much is detailed about his family or personal life during this time.

Riley was a young man in 2006 when he was turned by Victoria to assist her in destroying the Cullen family. Nothing specific is known about Riley before his turning and the actual event. However, readers know that Riley was a handsome young man about Bella’s age who believed Victoria really loved him.

Actor Biography

  • Name: Xavier Samuel
  • Nick Name(s): Unknown
  • Date of Birth: December 10th 1984
  • Height: Unknown
  • Hair: Dirty Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown

Fun Fact: While at college Xavier was the lead singer of the band, Degrees of Freedom

Hometown(s): Adelaide, Australia

Career: Xavier Samuel has not been in the the mob of movie fame yet. He has had some roles including movies such as 2:37, Angela’s Decision, September, Newcastle, and now the big time with his role as Riley in the Twilight Saga’s Eclipse.

About Them: Xavier Samuel attended Flinders University Drama Centre in 2005 where he played Hamlet in the graduate production. Xavier joined the band, Degrees of Freedom, while in College but ultimately left the band to pursue his film career. Xavier is the co-founder along with Tim Lucas, of The Green Bucket, an independent company designed to produce original work through various medias. Xavier attended high school where his father teaches English.

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