Robert Pattinson Going Over the Edge?

Twilighters may want to watch how they are obsessing over idol Robert Pattinson. With his over night fame from the hit Twilight he is starting to feel the affects of crazy, unrealistic, and stalking fans. And it is making him a paranoid wreck.

On set to do the ET coverage of New Moon that aired tonight Rob said that “I’m always really worried about ruining (friends) lives. Especially with people that aren’t famous. It’s such a massive change. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck. I’ve eaten a lot of room service” (ah oh…maybe fans should be a bit more cautious if they want to continue seeing Rob around).

RPattz continued with “now it’s funny, you can’t even get through to people on the phone. They won’t even let you ring people up. I can’t even ring down to reception and say let (visitors) up. I have to literally go down and carry them.”

On another note Robert did promise fans that they would see plenty of Edward during New Moon. “(In the film) it’s an illusion when he (Edward) appears. I think if you do it with voice over as they do in the book, it would end up being quite cheesy. But it’s very subtle, my presence.”

With an introvert for a star, Robert Pattinson could very easily be pushed over the edge. If fans want to keep their idol from turning into the next James Dean or Marilyn Monroe or disappear from the spotlight due to paranoia, a small break in his favor maybe just what he needs.

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