Rumor Update: Latest Cho Chang Casting Rumors False

On Thursday, August 7, news tips poured in from readers who heard through the internet grapevine that a 12 year old American actress was close to being picked to play Cho Chang in the Goblet of Fire movie.

According to the info going around the net, this girl was an American living in Florida, and is not Asian at all. A web site offering a picture that is supposedly the girl being mentioned in the rumor went down on the day the rumor broke due to excessive requests. It turns out the picture was not even of the girl in question. Furthermore, according to information that has come to us since this story first hit the net, we can say now that this rumor was definitely false.

So, sorry about the false alarm, folks, but we can only report the news that’s out there. In the meantime, according to the BBC, real casting for Goblet of Fire doesn’t start until January, 2004.

Story updated August 17, 2003

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David Haber
David Haber

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