Celebrating the Birthdays of the Wizarding World – All Major Characters in Harry Potter

Within the enchanting realm of witches and wizards, every flicker of a candle on a birthday cake illuminates another year of magical milestones and memories. The Wizarding World Birthday Almanac is a compendium of celebratory dates that honors the beloved characters who have cast a spell over our imaginations and hearts. From the hallowed halls of Hogwarts to the farthest corners of Diagon Alley, these are the days that mark the personal epochs of our cherished magical beings—from the bravest heroes to the most notorious of dark wizards.

January 9Severus Snape
January 30Lily Potter
February 6Arthur Weasley
March 1Ron Weasley
March 10Remus Lupin
March 27James Potter
April 1Fred and George Weasley
May 15Pomona Sprout
June 5Draco Malfoy
June 23Dudley Dursley
June 28Dobby the House Elf
July 30Neville Longbottom
July 31Harry Potter
August 11Ginevra “Ginny” Weasley
August 22Percy Weasley
September 19Hermione Granger
October 4Minerva McGonagall
October 17Filius Flitwick
October 30Molly Weasley
November 29Bill Weasley
December 6Rubeus Hagrid
December 12Charlie Weasley
December 31Tom Riddle, Jr./Lord Voldemort
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