From Invisibility Cloaks to Horcruxes: The Definitive Catalog of Harry Potter’s Magical Objects

Welcome to the ultimate inventory of Hogwarts’ lost and found! Ever wondered what a Biting Kettle does or why you’d need a Self-Stirring Cauldron (because who has the time to stir these days)? From the Invisibility Cloak’s vanishing act to the quirky Quidditch gear, we’ve cataloged every enchanting, peculiar, and sometimes downright odd magical object in the Harry Potter universe. Whether you’re a budding witch or wizard, or just a muggle with a penchant for the peculiar, dive in to discover the who, what, and ‘witch’ of Hogwarts’ most magical items, along with where they first popped up in the wizarding world. No Marauder’s Map needed — we’ve done all the legwork for you!


Anti-Cheating Quill

  • Use: A quill with an Anti-Cheating charm embedded to prevent cheating in exams.
  • Additional Notes: Used in all exams taken by Hogwarts students.

Reference: PS Chapter 16

Anti-Muggle Doorknob

  • Use: To keep Muggles away from Wizarding houses.
  • Additional Notes: These are not seen in the books, but are mentioned by JK Rowling on her official website.

Reference: JK Rowling official website

Astronomical Model

  • Use: A perfect moving model of the solar system
  • Additional Notes: The only known type of an Astronomical Model is a Lunascope and is used by Professor Trelawny in Divination classes.

Reference: GoF Chapter 29

Auto-Answer Quill

  • Use: Automatically answers questions.
  • Additional Notes: Banned in all exams in Hogwarts

Reference: OotP pp. 708-09.


Beater’s Bats

  • Use: Used in Quidditch by the Beaters to protect their team from Bludgers
  • Additional Notes: These are reinforced with spells and enchantments due to the desity and weight of the Bludgers.

Reference: Quidditch through the Ages; Chapter six.

Belch Powder

  • Use: Presumably used to make the user burp
  • Additional Notes: This is available for purchase from Zonko’s Joke shop.

Reference: PoA, Chapter 8

Bewitched Snowballs

  • Use: Snowballs that are charmed to continually pursue a target.
  • Additional Notes: The Weasley Twins are punished for causing bewitched snowballs to chase Quirrell and bounce of his turban. During Ron’s fifth year the twins bewitched snowballs to hit him in the face when he opens a window to yell at him.

Reference: PS Chapter 12, OotP Chapter 21

Biting Doorknobs

  • Use: Bewitched doorknobs which bite the hand of Muggles who touch them.
  • Additional Notes: Willy Widdershins was found to be selling biting doorknobs and two of his victims were sent to St Mungo’s for bone re-growth and memory modifications after losing fingers.

Reference: OotP Chapter 22

Biting Kettle

  • Use: Kettles which have been bewitched to snap at Muggles who try to use them.
  • Additional Notes: Making biting kettles counts as an illegal misuse of Muggle Artifacts. Arthur Weasley took part in 9 raids in which some biting kettles were found.

Reference: CoS Chapter 3

Black Ring

  • Use: Ring engraved with the Black family crest
  • Additional Notes: The ring is in the Grimmauld Place when Sirius offers it to the Order of the Phoenix to use. Sirius disposes of most the Black family heirlooms and has to fight Kreacher for the ring.

Reference: OotP Chapter 6


  • Use: Rocks enchanted to fly
  • Additional Notes: These are the fore runners of Bludgers in the game of Quidditch, then known as “Kwidditch”.

Reference: Quidditch Through the Ages


  • Use: A ball used in Quidditch, enchanted to fly after the nearest player.
  • Additional Notes: The most dangerous ball in Quidditch, it is the Beaters job to ensure the safety of their team by hitting these balls away from their own players. Harry Potter was once victim to a rogue Bludger which Dobby the House Elf had enchanted to follow only him.

Reference: Quidditch Through the Ages, PS, CoS, PoA, OotP, HBP

Broom Compass

  • Use: Navigation device for brooms
  • Additional Notes: None

Reference: Quidditch through the Ages


  • Use: Flying device for Witches and Wizards.
  • Additional Notes: There are a huge array of flying broomsticks, especially for Quidditch. The most famous brands are the Nimbus {Used by Harry in his first year and Draco in his second year} and the Firebolt {used by Harry in his third year and above}. They can come with a variety of addons which can sometimes impede the flight of the user rather then enhance it. For a full list of brooms available, see Quidditch.

Reference: PS, CoS, PoA, GoF, OotP, HBP, DH, Quidditch through the Ages

Broomstick Servicing Kit

  • Use: A kit to clean, polish and maintain broomsticks
  • Additional Notes: Hermione gave this to Harry for his thirteenth birthday.

Reference: PoA Chapter 1

Bulbadox Powder

  • Use: A prank item which causes the person to break out in a painful rash.
  • Additional Notes: Somewhat similar to Muggle itching powder.

Reference: OtoP Chapter 12



  • Use: The Hogwarts Express train is made up of carriages. The Beauxbaton students arrived in a blue carriage pulled by Thestrals {which make them invisible to most of the student body}.

Reference: GoF 15, OotP 20


  • Use: Large metal pots used for cooking or potion making
  • Additional Notes: There are a large amount of cauldrons available, including bronze, gold and silver ones. The ones used by Hogwarts students are made from pewter. Humphrey Belcher made a cauldron created from cheese, which was unsurprisingly not as successful as he hoped.

Reference: PS, CoS, PoA, GoF, OotP, HBP, DH


  • Use: Small metal object which makes a loud noise when shaken.
  • Additional Notes: These are commonly used by Gringotts goblins to tam and train the Dragons.

Reference: DH Chapter 21

Colour-Change Ink

  • Use: Ink that changes color as you write.
  • Additional Notes: Harry buys a pot of this in Diagon Alley when shopping in his first year with Hagrid.

Reference: PS Chapter 5

Cursed Hat

  • Use: A hat which curses the wearer
  • Additional Notes: Bill Weasley’s penfriend from Brazil sent him a cursed hat after he was insulted by Bill not inviting him to his home. The hat made Bill’s ears shrivel up.

Reference: GoF Chapter 7

Cursed Necklace

  • Use: A necklace which kills anyone who touches it
  • Additional Notes: It has claimed the lives of 19 muggle owners and was for sale in Borgin and Burkes. Katie Bell is almost killed by the necklace when she is given it by Madam Rosmerta who was Imperised by Draco Malfoy, she is only saved by the fact she did not actually touch the necklace with her bare skin, only through her gloves.

Reference: HBP Chapters 6 and 12



  • Use: Captures Lights
  • Additional Notes: Also known as a Put Outer, this device draws points of light inside it when clicked. If clicked again the lights will return to their original positions, if the original sources are not available, then the lights will just hang in mid air. Dumbledore was the sole owner of this device, probably having created it himself, he left it to Ron Weasley in his will, under whose ownership also allowed Ron to hear Hermione calling his name. The trio used it to illuminate the dungeon in the Malfoy Manor to aid their escape.

Reference: SS pp. 9 and 16. OotP pp. 58, and 60. Deathly Hallows

Detachable Cribbing Cuffs

  • Use: Detachable cuff for a sleeve that has been enchanted to assist the wearer in cheating on an exam.
  • Additional Notes: These are banned from all exams in Hogwarts.

Dragon Bladder

  • Use: Used in the German game of Stichstock, a medieval forerunner of Quidditch
  • Additional Notes: In the game, a twenty-foot pole was topped with an inflated dragon bladder. The player that was to guard the bladder was tied to the pole with a rope around his waist, allowing only a ten-feet radius. The bladder-guardian was allowed to use his wand to stop or impede the other players, whose objective it was to puncture the bladder with the sharpened end of their broomsticks. The game was stopped only when the bladder-guardian was exhausted, if the bladder was punctured, or if every player was hexed by the bladder-guardian

Reference: Quidditch through the Ages

Dragon Dung

  • Use: Fertilizer
  • Additional Details: It is sold in Knockturn Alley. Percy Weasley recieves Dragon Dung at his desk and claims it is a sampler of fertiliser from Sweden. The Twins however reveal that it was they who sent it.

Reference: GoF Chapter 5

Dragon Heartstring

  • Use: Wand cores
  • Additional Notes: Dragon heartstrings are hugely powerful and are used as cores of wands. Hermione’s wand has a Dragon Heartstring core.

Reference: PS Chapter 5

Dragon Miniature Models

  • Use: Small toy dragons which act as real dragons do.
  • Additional Notes: Each of the contestants in the Triwizard Tournament had to pick a miniature dragon from a bag to determine which Dragon they would be facing in the first task.

Reference: GoF Chapter 20

Dr. Filibuster’s Fabulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks

  • Use: Magical fireworks which need water and not heat to be set off
  • Additional Notes: Harry uses one of these fireworks in a potions class to distract Snape while Hermione steals some supplies from the Student Store Cabinet for making Polyjuice Potion.

Reference: CoS Chapter 11


  • Use: A type of stinkbomb which, when used, give off the stench of feces.
  • Additional Notes: These were invented by Alberic Grunnion and can be purchased at Zonko’s Joke Shop. They are a perfect distraction and are used frequently throughout the Harry Potter series, mainly by the Trio and the Weasley Twins. It is via the useof Dungbombs that the Twins managed to steal the Mauraders Map from Filches office.

Reference: PoA Chapter 10

Durmstrang Ship

  • Use: Vehicle for the Durmstrang students.
  • Additional Notes: The ship can travel completely underwater as it suddenly emerges from the depths of the Hogwarts Lake. Krum reveals that it is the students who operate the boat, not their Headmaster.

Reference: GoF Chapter 15


Enchanted Balloons

  • Use: Balloons which have charms on them which gives them special properties.
  • Additional Notes: At Harry’s first Christmas in Hogwarts he gets a back of Luminous Non-Exploding Balloons which presumably do not pop. At Bill and Fleur’s wedding a bunch of gold balloons are set off which burst open and set free a flock of singing birds and tiny chiming golden bells.

Reference: DH Chapter 8

Enchanted Ceiling

  • Use: A Ceiling which is enchanted to do whatever is desired by the enchanter.
  • Additional Notes: The Great Hall in Hogwarts is enchanted to mimic the weather outside. During Christmas, warm, dry snow falls from the ceiling and during Lockheart’s Valentines, pink confetti rains down.

Reference: PS Chapter 7, CoS Chapter 13

Enchanted Razor

  • Use: A razor which is enchanted to give a good shave.
  • Additional Notes: Harry received this as a gift from Fleur Delacour’s parents for his 17th birthday. According to Fleur’s dad, it is the closest shave that Harry will ever have.

Reference: DH

Enchanted Window

  • Use: Depicts the weather as decided by the spell caster
  • Additional Notes: The windows at the underground levels of the Ministry of Magic are enchanted and the weather is determined by the Magical Maintenance department. The windows showed hurricanes for two months after the workers demanded a pay rise.

Reference: OotP Chapter 7

Elder Wand

  • Use: Most powerful wand in existence. The master of the wand cannot be defeated in a duel.
  • Additional Notes: The wand can transfer allegiance to a new master if it’s previous master is defeated or disarmed, though if it’s master dies naturally, then the power of the wand dies with them. Harry Potter is the last known master of the Elder wand.

Reference: Deathly Hallows

Ever-Bashing Boomerang

  • Use: Magical toy
  • Additional Notes: These are now banned from Hogwarts on Filches request.

Reference: GoF Chapter 12

Extendable Ears

  • Use: Device to eavesdrop on conversation from afar.
  • Additional Notes: Created by Fred and George and described as “long, flesh colored pieces of string.” Used by Harry to listen in on a meeting of the Order of the Phoenix.

Reference: OotP pp. 67-69, 75-77, 90, 99, 100, 106, 160-61, 227, 490-91, and 499.


Fanged Frisbee

  • Use: Magical toy which flies around the room and attempts to bite anything.
  • Additional Notes: These are banned from Hogwarts. Hermione confiscates one from a first year and Ron snatches it from her hand, but lets go of it, it flies around the Gryffindor common room and attempts to bite a tapestry on the wall.

Reference: HBP Chapter 9

Flying Ford Anglia

  • Use: A Muggle car modified to fly by Arthur Weasley
  • Additional Notes: Ron and the Weasley twins use this car to recue Harry from the Durselys in the summer before their 2nd year. When Ron and Harry are unable to board the Hogwarts Express they use the car to fly to Hogwarts. The car then “goes wild” and lives in the Forbidden forest, rescuing Harry and Ron from the Acromantula. The car has an Invisibility booster which makes the car invisible, but it is faulty and only works intermittently.

Reference: CoS Chapters 3, 5 & 15

Foe Glass

  • Use: A mirror which displays their enemies in varying degrees of focus depending on how close they are.
  • Additional Notes: Used by Barty Crouch Jr (in disguise as Mad Eye Moody) in Harry’s fifth year.

Reference: GoF pp. 343, and 677-79 OotP pp. 390-91.


Garroting Gas

  • Use: A colorless and odorless gas which causes unconsciousness or death.
  • Additional Notes: Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood spread the rumor that Garroting Gas is in the corridor by Professor Umbridges office so that Harry could sneak in and use her fireplace to talk to Sirius Black. Ginny got the idea from Fred and George, who were planning on doing the same thing before they left the school

Reference: OotP Chapter 32

Goblet of Fire

  • Use: A wooden goblet used to select the participants for the Tri-Wizard Tournament.
  • Additional Notes: A very powerful object that is difficult to hoodwink, however it was confused enough to emit a fourth name (Harry Potter) in his fourth year at Hogwarts.

Reference: GoF pp. 255-56, 258-59, 262, 267-70, 274-79, 282-83, 285-87, 289, 292, 316, 320, 332, 358, 363, 374, 406, 425, 480, 523, 572-73, 657, and 674-76.

Golden Snitch

  • Use: Smallest ball used in Quidditch. Catching this ball signifies the end of the game and 150 points for the team that caught it.
  • Additional Notes: The Snitch is a small golden ball with silvery wings. It is designed to fly in the same was as the Snidget (Which was the Seeker originally had to catch in Quidditch and was replaced by the Snitch) and to avoid capture from the Seeker. Snitches have “Flesh memories” which means they remember the first person who touched them, which is always the Seeker as Snitch makers always wear gloves. This is so that in a dispute in Quidditch as to which team captured the Snitch, the ball itself would be able to answer. Dumbledore left Harry the very first Snitch he ever caught in his will, which turned out to contain the Resurrection Stone

Reference: Quidditch Through the Ages, PS, CoS, PoA, OotP, HBP, DH

Grandfather Clock (Molly Weasley)

  • Use: Shows the location of all members of the Weasley family.
  • Additional Notes: The clock displays locations such as home, traveling, school, work and “mortal peril”. After Voldemort returned to power, the clock consistently placed every member at “mortal peril”.

Reference: GoF pp. 151-53. OotP p. 471.


Hand of Glory

  • Use: Gives light only to the holder when a candle is inserted.
  • Additional Notes: Described by Mr Borgin from Borgin and Burkes as the “best friend of thieves and plunderers” it was used by Draco Malfoy in his sixth year when leaving the Room of Requirement.

Reference: CoS p. 52. HPB

Headless Hats

  • Use: Makes the wearers head invisible.
  • Additional Notes: Created by Fred and George Weasley, it has a limited field of invisibility so only the head disappears. Commended by Hermione as a difficult piece of magic to create.

Reference: OotP pp. 540-41, and 588.

Hogwarts Quill

  • Use: A Quill which records the birth of every Magical Child in the UK in a large book
  • Additional Notes: Every year Professor McGonagall checks the book and sends Owls to every child who is turning 11 that year to invite them to Hogwarts.

Reference: JK Rowling

Homework Planner

  • Use: Used to schedule classes and assignments and recites inspirational quotes each time it is opened.
  • Additional Notes: Hermione gives one of these to both Harry and Ron for Christmas one year, the boys do not appreciate or use the gift as much as Hermione would have hoped.

Reference: OotP Chapter 23


  • Use: A letter which shouts the contents in the writers voice. If unopened the letter will burst into flames and shout the contents anyway.
  • Additional Notes: Howlers are usually sent when the letter writer is highly angry. Neville, Ron, Hermione and Petunia Dursely have all received Howlers.

Reference: CoS Chapter 5, PoA, Chapter 14, GoF, Chapter 10, Gof, Chapter 28, OotP Chapter 2

Hufflepuffs Cup

  • Use: A small golden cup belonging to Helga Hufflepuff
  • Additional Notes: Voldemort used this as one of his seven Horcrixes after he stole the cup from Hepzibah Smith. It was stolen by the Trio from the Lestrange vault and destroyed by Hermione using the fang of a Basilisk.

Reference: DH Chapter 23, HBP


Inter-department Memos

  • Use: Violet colored paper airplanes used to communicate between departments in the Ministry of Magic
  • Additional Notes: The memos fly of their own accord and even use the Ministry’s lift {They tend to hover around the lampshade}. The Ministry use paper planes as Owls are far too messy.

Reference: OotP Chapter 7

Invisibility Booster

  • Use: Device to make cars and other objects invisible
  • Additional Notes: Arthur added this to his Flying Car to make it invisible.

Reference: CoS

Invisibility Cloak

  • Use: To make the wearer completely invisible
  • Additional Notes: There are several ways in which an invisibility cloak can make the wearer unseen to the eye {such as creating it from the hair of the Demiguise or using strong Disillusionment or Concealment charms.} however, there is only one which makes the wearer truly invisible regardless of any spells thrown at it and will last for all eternity. This cloak is the third Deathly Hallow and is owned by Harry Potter.

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Leprechaun Gold

  • Use: Gold which disappears after a couple of hours.
  • Additional Notes: At the Quidditch World Cup the Leprechauns throw down gold and Ron uses it to pay Harry back for the Omnioculors, not realizing that the gold will disappear. Ludo Bagman tries to pay his debts off with Leprechaun’s gold, causing Fred and George to write him threatening letters.

Reference: GoF Chapter 37


  • Use: Helps to study the phases of the moon
  • Additional Notes: Students use this so as not to have to study moon charts. Harry used one of these while practicing the Summoning Charm

Reference: GoF, Chapter 18

Luminous Rosettes

  • Use: Rosettes which glow a certain color
  • Additional Notes: There were two types of these for sale at the Quidditch World Cup; Green for Ireland and Red for Bulgaria, both of which squeaked the names of the players on their respective teams.

Reference: GoF Chapter 7



  • Use: Claimed to offer a thousand of disguises but are useless
  • Additional Notes: These were being sold to people who were in a panic over the revival of Voldemort. Though they claim to protect the wearer, they in fact can cause harm, by turning them orange or even causing tentacles to appear all over the persons body. They were sold for ten galleons a piece.

Reference: HBP Chapter 5

Mokeskin Purse

  • Use: A purse made from the skin of a Moke which contracts at the approach of a stranger, so no one but the owner can open it.
  • Additional Notes: Hagrid gives Harry one of these for his 17th birthday and Harry uses it to carry his most prized possessions in. These are extremely rare to come by

Reference: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, DH Chapter 7

Magical Two Way Mirrors

  • Use: Allows two people to see and communicate with each other when in two different locations.
  • Additional Notes: Sirius Black and James Potter used these to communicate with each other while in separate detentions. Sirius gives Harry one of these and retains the other, Harry smashes his after realising he could have used it to talk to Sirius rather then speaking to Kreacher in his fifth year. He keeps a fragment of it and it is via this that he speaks to Aberforth Dumbledore and gets help escaping from the Malfoy Manor in his seventh year.

Reference: OotP pp. 523, and 857-58. DH

Marauder’s Map

  • Use: A map of the entire school of Hogwarts which gives accurate locations of each person inside.
  • Additional Notes: This map was created by James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. It requires a password to both reveal and hide the contents {“I solemnly swear I am up to no good” and “Mischief Managed!”}. The Weasley Twins gave this map to Harry in his third year after stealing it from Filches drawer of confiscated items.

Reference: PoA pp. 191-92, 276, 278, 285-89, 336, 347, 351, 355, 423-25. GoF pp. 39, 458-59, 467-69, 472-73, 475-78, 570 and 690. OotP pp. 389, 396, and 420.

Mirror of Erised

  • Use: Shows your hearts truest and innermost desire
  • Additional Notes: It is inscribed with the words: erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi which is “I show not your face but your heart’s desire” written backwards. Harry sees himself surrounded by his family, Ron sees himself as the greatest of them all and Dumbledore claims to see himself with a pair of socks, however JK Rowling later divulged that Dumbledore would see himself with his family, happy and whole, as it was before his sister lost control of her magic. The Mirror of Erised is the final defense in the protection towards the Philosophers stone. Harry manages to retrieve the stone as his greatest desire is to have the stone, but not to use it, thus fulufilling the conditions that Dumbledore set around the gaining of the stone from the mirror.

Reference: SS pp. 194, 210-15, 224, 289-92 and 300. Chapter Twelve OotP p. 858.



  • Use: Binoculars which can pause, rewind and play back scenes.
  • Additional Notes: Used mainly in Quidditch to watch and play back goals and tackles, Harry bought three pairs for himself, Ron and Hermione at the Quidditch World Cup

Reference: GoF pp. 93-94, 99, 105-12, 114-15, 123, 523, and 545.



  • Use: Stores memories and plays them back at the persons request.
  • Additional Notes: It is described as a stone basin with runs and carvings around the edges and the memories within emit a silvery sheen. Memories are played back exactly how they are remembered, so may not be exactly what happened. It is via Dumbledore’s Pensieve that Harry finds out several key facts through out the series, such as Barty Crouch Jr being a Deatheater, the Prophecy made about Harry and Voldemort and Dumbledore’s memories of Tom Riddle as a child. Harry also witnesses Snape’s worst memory when he leaves his pensieve unattended.

Reference: GoF pp. 583, 597-603, 605-06, 682, and 721. Chapter Thirty. OotPpp. 114, 504, 529, 533, 538, 592, 638-39, 640, 653, 666, 669, 672, 712, and 840-41.

Perkin’s Tent

  • Use: A camping tent owned by Mr Perkins
  • Additional Notes: This tent is far larger on the inside then it appears from the outside. Mr Weasley borrowed this tent from Mr Perkin’s for the Quidditch World Cup. Hermione then packed it for the Trio’s hunt for Horcruxes.

Reference: GoF, DH

Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder

  • Use: A powder from Peru that creates an impenetrable darkness.
  • Additional Notes: Draco Malfoy uses this powder to escape from the Room of Requirement with a band of Death Eaters, despite a large amount of DA members watching the corridor. Although spells such as Lumous and Incedio have no effect, Draco was able to lead the way thanks to the Hand of Glory.

Reference: HBP Chapter 29

Philosophers Stone

  • Use: A blood red stone which grants the ability to turn metal into gold and to produce the Elixir of Life.
  • Additional Notes: There was only one Philosophers Stone in existence and it was owned by Nicholas Flamel and his wife Penelope. The Stone was moved to Hogwarts to protect it from Voldemort, with a number of obstacles provided by the Professors of Hogwarts. The stone was kept inside the Mirror of Erised and only one who wishes to gain the stone, but not to use it would be able to retrieve it. The stone was destroyed once Harry successfully rescused it from Quirrell and Voldemort. Also referred to as the Sorcerers Stone in American versions.

Reference: SS pp. 219-21, 226-28, 230-32, 246-47, 259, 264, 267-68, 270-71, 283, 286, 289-92, 294, 296-98, 300-01, and 303. GoF pp. 571, 654, and 656. OotP pp. 65,100, 327, 342, and 761.

Pocket Sneakoscope

  • See Sneakoscope

Portable Swamps

  • Use: A fold out swamp that can be used anywhere
  • Additional Notes: These were invented by Fred and George Weasley and were used when they finally decided to quit education, turning an entire corridor into a swamp. A small fraction of the swamp was cornered off even after the rest of the corridor had been cleaned as the Professors felt it “was a really good bit of magic”.

Reference: Ootp

Probity Probes

  • Use: Detects secrecy and concealment
  • Additional Notes: Filch uses these to search students coming into and out of the school in the Trio’s 6th year. Gringott’s bank employs these during the Trio’s seventh year to detect concealment or secrecy for anyone entering the bank.

Reference: HBP, DH

Put Outer

  • See Deluminator



  • Use: The ball used for scoring in Quidditch
  • Additional Notes: The largest and oldest ball in the game of Quidditch, it is the Chasers job to through this ball through the goal hoops to score points. The Quaffle has a charm on it so that when it is not in the hands of a player it falls slowly through the air, so as not to constantly hitting the ground, thanks to the idea of Daisy Pennifold. Later on, a gripping charm was added to the Quaffle to make it easier to handle.

Reference: Quidditch through the Ages, PS, CoS, PoA, OotP, HBP

Quick Quotes Quill

  • Use: A quill which writes on it’s own, quoting the person talking.
  • Additional Notes: Used by Rite Skeeter, this quill is presumably charmed to turn normal quotes into lurid newspaper articles.

Reference: GoF pp. 304, 307, 311, 362, and 451. OotP p. 566.


Ravenclaw’s Diadem

  • Use: A diadem belonging to Rowena Ravenclaw which allegedly gives great power to the one who wears it.
  • Additional Notes: This diadem has the inscription “Wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure” and belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw. Thought to be lost for centuries it was actually stolen by Helena Ravenclaw, Rowena’s daughter. She fled with it to Albania and hid it in the hollow of a tree. The Bloody Baron was sent to find her, and angered by her refusal to return with him, he murdered her and committed suicide soon after. While at Hogwarts, Voldemort managed to charm the story out of the Ravenclaw Ghost, now known as the Grey Lady, and retrieved the Horcrux, using it as one of his 7 Horcruxes. He hid it within the school where it was found years later by Harry Potter after he too heard the whole story from Helena. It was destroyed by Crabbe casting Fiendfyre.

Reference: DH Chapters 20, 29 & 31

Regurgitating Toilets

  • Use: Cursed toilets that instead of flushing and disposing of the water, the flush makes more water come up.
  • Additional Notes: The Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office and Arthur Weasley have to deal with these in 1995. Arthur complains that such Anti Muggle mentality’s are dangerous and undesirable.

Reference: OotP Chapter 7


  • Use: Flashes red if you have forgotten something
  • Additional Notes: Neville Longbottom receives one of these in his first year. During their first flying lesson, the Rememberall is stolen by Draco Malfoy. Harry gains it back and is seen by McGonagall who makes Harry the first first year Seeker in over 100 years. It is banned from all exams.

Reference: SS pp. 145, 148-49, and 166. OotP pp. 186, and 709.

Ressurection Stone

  • Use: One of the Deathly Hallows, allows those that have passed to be “resurrected”
  • Additional Notes: Although it cannot bring people back from the dead, it can summon their spirit, a sort of ghost form of them. Dumbledore left this stone to Harry in his will, contained in the Golden Snitch. Harry used it as he was about to face Voldemort and brought back the spirits of his parents, Sirius and Lupin. He dropped the stone somewhere in the Forbidden Forest and made a decision to not go back and look for it.

Reference: DH


  • Use: Reveals hidden information written on a page.
  • Additional Notes: It looks like a large red Muggle eraser and Hermione used this to try to reveal information on Tom Riddle’s diary.

Reference: CoS p. 233.


Screaming YoYo

  • Use: A type of magical toy that screams each time it is played with
  • Additional Notes: These were banned on Filche’s request by Dumbledore in the Trio’s fourth year.

Reference: GoF

Secrecy Sensor

  • Use: A dark detector which vibrates when it detects concealment and lies.
  • Additional Notes: Barty Crouch Jr, posing as Mad Eye Moody had one of these which was constantly going off, he claimed it was due to the amount of students lying about why they didn’t do their homework etc, but is probably because Barty himself was lying. Filch uses a Secrecy Sensor to a great degree in the sixth year whenever the students enter or leave the grounds.

Reference: GoF p. 343. OotP p. 390.

Self-Correcting Ink

  • Use: Automatically corrects spelling mistakes.
  • Additional Notes: These are banned from all exams

Reference: OotP p. 709.

Self-Inking Quills

  • Use: Quills which produce their own ink
  • Additional Notes: These were invented and sold by Fred and George Weasley.

Reference: HBP Chapter 6

Self-Shuffling Playing Cards

  • Use: Playing cards which shuffle themselves.
  • Additional Notes: Ron’s room is covered with these cards in the summer before his second year.

Reference: CoS p. 40.

Self-Stirring Cauldron

  • Use: Cauldrons which stir themselves.
  • Additional Notes: These were invented by Gaspard Shingleton

Reference: PS

Self-Straightening Brush

  • Use: An optional feature on a broomstick which automatically straighten the brush of the broom.
  • Additional Notes: This is a feature on the Twigger 90 Broomstick

Reference: Quidditch Through the Ages

Seven Lock Trunk

  • Use: A trunk with seven compartments, each bigger then the last, with a lock on each compartment.
  • Additional Notes: This trunk was used by Barty Crouch Jr in disguise as Mad Eye Moody. In the seventh and biggest compartment he kept the real Mad Eye in order to have him close to interrogate him and to use his hair for the Polyjuice Potion.

Reference: GoF Chapter 35

Shrinking Door-Key

  • Use: Muggle door keys which continually shrink
  • Additional Notes: These were found in a raid done by the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts department. Arthur Weasley comments that Muggles will rather convince themselves that they have lost their keys rather then admit they are shrinking as they are so in denial about the existence of magic; even when it is staring them in the face.

Reference: CoS, Chapter 3

Slytherin’s Locket

  • Use: An heirloom of the Gaunt family, used as a Horcrux by Voldemort.
  • Additional Notes: This locket was worn by Merope Gaunt, mother of Lord Voldemort but she sold it once she moved to London and gave up using magic. Hepzibah Smith later bought it and had it stolen by Voldemort who used the locket as one of his seven Horcruxes. He placed the locket on an island in a cave, where the water was filled with Inferi. Regulas Black, brother of Sirius, stole the Locket and replaced it with a fake one. The Locket was then stolen by Mundungous Fletcher, along with some other Black heirlooms. Under the interrogation of the Trio and Kreacher, he tells them he was forced to give it to Dolores Umbridge. Hermione took the Locket from her when the Trio disguised themselves as Ministry Officials and infiltrated the Ministry of Magic. When any of the Trio attempted to wear the Locket, their mood changed for the worst. Ron was the one to destroy the Locket with the Sword of Gryffindor, but not before the locket had it’s final act of vengeance and taunted Ron with his worst nightmare- Harry and Hermione together, mocking Ron for thinking anyone would prefer him over Harry.

Reference: DH, OotP, HBP

Smart-Answer Quills

  • Use: Quills which provide a smart answer to any question.
  • Additional Notes: These were invented and sold by Fred and George Weasley and are presumably banned from all exams.

Reference: HBP Chapter 6


  • Use: A dark detector which lights up and spins when someone untrustworthy is present.
  • Additional Notes: Designed like a spinning top the Sneakoscope will be set off if any untrustworthy person is in the vicinity. Ron gives Harry a Pocket Sneakoscope for his thirteenth birthday which goes off consistently due to the presence of Peter Pettigrew in his Animagus form as Scabbers. For Harry’s 17th birthday, Hermione gives Harry a new Sneakoscope which they use on their quest for Horcruxes to warn them of enemies approaching.

Reference: PoA pp. 76 and 226. GoF pp. 342-43, 408, and 681. OotP pp. 390-91, and 397.

Sorcerer’s Stone

  • See Philosopher’s Stone

Sorting Hat

  • Use: Sorts the students of Hogwarts into the four houses.
  • Additional Notes: Created by the four founders of Hogwarts, the hat was originally that of Godric Gryffindors but was filled with brains from the four founders, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor so as that after they died the hat could continue to sort the students into one of the houses. Every year the Sorting House will sing a song, normally about the four houses, but sometimes it will issue a warning if it thinks it needs to.

Reference: SS pp. 117-22, 219, and 226-27. Chapter Seven CoS pp. 77, 96, 152, 197, 205-06, 315-17, 319, 322, 325, 328, and 332-33. PoA p. 91. GoF pp.176-80, 259, 582, and 583. OotP pp. 204-09, 223, 399, and 534. Chapter 11.


  • Use: “Psychedelic spectacles”
  • Additional Notes: These were given out by the Daily Prophet in Harry’s 6th year and was worn by Luna.

Reference: HBP Chapter 7

Spell-Checking Quill

  • Use: Quills which correct the spelling of the writer
  • Additional Notes: These were invented and sold by Fred and George Weasley and are presumably banned from all exams. After a while the charm wears off and ends up scribbling words with worst spelling than the writer.

Reference: HBP Chapters 6 and 21


  • Use: Magical sticky tape.
  • Additional Notes: Ron uses this to attempt to repair his snapped wand, however the wand is no longer usable. Hermione uses it in an attempt to stop her Care of Magical creatures textbook from biting her; Ginny uses it to repair one of her Herbology textbooks and Kreacher uses it to repair a glass frame in Grimmauld Place.

Reference: CoS Chapter 7; PoA Chapter 6; GoF Chapter 10; OotP Chapter 23

Suits of Armour

  • Use: Decorative magical suits of armour which line Hogwarts
  • Additional Notes: Peeves could be found inside these reciting rude versions of Christmas Carols. When the school is in danger the Suits of Armour become animated to protect it.

Reference: DH Chapter 30

Sword of Gryffindor

  • Use: A legendary sword owned by Godric Gryffindor
  • Additional Notes: The sword will always appear from the Sorting Hat when a worthy Gryffindor is in great need. Harry used it to kill the Basilisk in his second year and Neville was deemed worthy enough for it to appear for him in his seventh year to kill Nagini. Because it was covered in Basilisk venom, it was one of only a few means to destroy the horcruxes. Harry was left this in Dumbledore’s will, but was not given it as it was not deemed as a possession of Dumbledore.

Reference: CoS pp. 322, 324-25, 328, and 333. GoF p. 583. OotP p. 840.


Tail Twig Clippers

  • Use: Trims the tail twigs of a broomstick
  • Additional Notes: These are included in the Broomstick Servicing Kit Hermione bought Harry for his 13th birthday

Reference: PoA Chapter 1

Time Turner

  • Use: Takes the user back in time.
  • Additional Notes: These are strictly controlled by the Ministry of Magic as going back in time can cause disastrous results. Hermione used one in her third year to attend all her classes, after McGonagall wrote many letters of assurances to the Ministry of Magic telling them Hermione would only use it for her classes and after recommendations of what a brilliant witch she was. It was via the Time Turner that Harry and Hermione managed to save Sirius and Buckbeak from death. The Ministry of Magics entire stock of Time Turners were destroyed in the battle at the Department of Mysteries.

Reference: PoA pp. 395, 418, 426, and 430. OotP pp. 327, and 794


Umbridge’s Quill

  • Use: Imprints the words written with it onto the writers hand.
  • Additional Notes: Harry has a permanent scar on his hand with the words “I must not tell lies” after a detention with Umbridge. Murtlap Essence was useful in soothing the wound.

Reference: OotP pp. 266-67, 270, and 273-74.

Umgubular Slashkilter

  • Use: Presumably a dangerous weapon or item.
  • Additional Notes: Luna Lovegood claims that Cornelius Fudge is in possession of one, along with claims that he routinely murders Goblins and bakes them in pies.

Reference: OotP, Chapter 18


Vanishing Cabinet

  • Use: Two cabinets which are magically linked, if you walk into one cabinet you appear out of the other.
  • Additional Notes: There are two cabinets, one at Hogwarts and one in Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley. The Weasley Twins force Montague into the one at Hogwarts, but because it is broke, he is in limbo forced between the two locations but unable to communicate with anyone. He eventually Apparates into the fourth floor bathrooms at Hogwarts. Draco hears of the two cabinets and begins to repair the one in Hogwarts in his sixth year, he is eventually successful and the two cabinets allow Deatheaters to enter Hogwarts for the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, where Dumbledore is murdered.

Reference: OotP p. 627.


Wand Wood

  • Use: Used to create magical wands.
  • Additional Notes: Each wood has separate properties, influencing the construction and behavior of the wands, though the magical component of wands is contained in their cores. Bowtruckles are known to protect trees which have high quality woods for wand making. Woodcutters can placate them with an offering of woodlouse.

Reference: OotP Chapter 13


  • Use: Sticks of wood with cores made of various magical substances. Used by Wizards for the majority of their magic.
  • Additional Notes: Wands choose the owner, though they can be inherited from family members. A wizard or witch will never produce magic as strong as they can with someone else’s wand. The only exception to this rule is the Elder Wand which transfers it’s alliance when it’s current owner is defeated.
    Wandlore is one of the oldest and most complicated parts of magic and little is known about it. Different wands are best suited for different branches of magic {I.e one wand can be better geared towards charms, while other more suited for Transfiguration}. Wand woods and cores make up the “personality” of the wand and determine what it is best suited towards. Phoenix Feathers, Veela Hair, Dragon Heartstring, Thestral tail hair and Unicorn tail hair are all known properties of wand cores.
    When two wands of the same core {i.e from the same unicorn or phoenix} meet, they refuse to work against the other. However, if they are forced against each other, the wands will form a connection which forces one of them to regurgitate every spell it ever cast. This is known as Priori Icantatem.

Reference: PS, CoS, PoA, GoF, OotP, HBP, DH

Warning Whistle

  • Use: A device on a broomstick which whistles a warning.
  • Additional Notes: This is a feature on the Twigger 90 Broomstick

Reference: Quidditch Through the Ages

Weasley’s Wildfire Whizz Bangs

  • Use: Fred and George’s version of fireworks.
  • Additional Notes: These firecrackers are enchanted to spell out rude words, multiply by 10 when someone tries to freeze them and multiply by 30 when someone tries to make them disappear. Fred and George set a load of these off just as they leave the school and the Hogwarts Professors refuse to stop them, instead they call for Professor Umbridge, the new Headmaster of Hogwarts, to rid the entire school of them

Reference: OotP Chpater 28

Wizards Chess

  • Use: The Wizard version of the Muggle game
  • Additional Notes: The pieces move when you tell them to and physically attack each other when they are being taken. Ron is exceptionally good at this and wins the life size version the trio play to get to the Philosopher’s Stone.

Reference: PS Chapters 13 & 16

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