Harry Potter Dictionary – A Muggle’s Guide to the Wizarding World

Dive into the captivating realm of the wizarding world with our comprehensive guide to some of the most intriguing and enchanting creatures, plants, and potions that populate the pages of magical lore. From the majestic and lethal Basilisk to the transformative properties of the Polyjuice Potion, this guide offers a window into a universe where the everyday mingles seamlessly with the extraordinary.


Abraxan Horse – Large winged horses.
Abyssinian Shrivelfig – Plant, which when skinned is used in potions.
Aconite – Poisonous plant also known as Monkshood and Wolfsbane. Presumed to be used in the Wolfsbane Potion.
Acromantula – Very large poisonous spiders with near human intelligence and highly unpredictable behaviour.
Acromantula Venom – Venom from an Acromantula which is highly expensive due to it’s rarity and how difficult it is to collect.
Aging Potion – A potion which temporarily ages the drinker.
Amortentia – Strongest Love Potion in existence.
Animagi – Ability to turn yourself into an animal.
Animagus – A person who can turn themselves into an animal.
Apparate – Ability to make yourself move from place to place almost instantly
Aquavirius Maggot – Imaginary creature.
Armadillo Bile – A potion ingredient used in the Wit Sharpening potion.
Ashwinder – Thin pale serpent which is created through magical fires. Lays magical eggs which set alight if not frozen.
Ashwinder Eggs – Eggs from the Ashwinder which if eaten whole are a cure for Ague.
Asphodel – A root which is used in the Draught of the Living Dead when powered.
Augurey – A small bird native to Ireland and the UK, sings a low mournful song when rain is approaching.
Azkaban – A wizard prison


Babbling Beverage – Potion which makes the drinker babble nonsense.
Baruffio’s Brain Elixir – Potion advertised to increase concentration and wakefulness
Basilisk– Known as the King of Serpents, this snake may reach a gigantic size, and live many hundreds of years, is born from a chicken’s egg, hatched beneath a toad. Its methods of killing are most wondrous, for aside for its deadly and venomous fangs, the Basilisk has a murderous stare, and all who are fixed with the beam of its eye shall suffer instant death. Spiders flee before the Basilisk, for it is their mortal enemy, and the Basilisk flees only from the crowing of the rooster, which is fatal to it.
Bat Spleen – Spleen of a bat used in Potions.
Beater – A Quidditch player that must hit the Bludger with a wooden stick.
Beetle Eyes – Eyes of beetles, used in Potions.
Befuddlement Draught – Potion to induce confusion in the drinker.
Bezoar – A stone taken from the stomach of a goat that will act as an antidote for most poisons.
Bicorn – Two horned unicorn in appearance. Horns used as potion ingredients.
Bicorn Horn – The horn of a Bicorn which is used in Potions.
Billywig – A small insect native to Australia whose sting causes levitation and giddyness.
Billywig Stings – The sting of the Billywig insect, used in potions.
Blast-Ended Skrewt – Armoured beast who propels itself forwards by blasting sparks out of it’s rear end.
Blibbering Humdinger – Unknown creature.
Blood Replenishing Potion – Potion which replaces blood after the drinker has lost a large amount.
Blood-Sucking Bugbear – Unknown creature which kills chickens.
Bludger – A large jet black ball, hurts a lot if you get hit with it.
Boggart – Creature that turns into whatever you fear the most. Its weakness is laughter. The incantation against a Boggart is Riddikulus.
Boil Cure Potion – Potion which cures the drinker of boils.
Boomslang Skin – Used in potions.
Bowtruckle – Small twig like tree guardian. Reside in Wand Trees and can be placated with an offering of woodlouse.
Bubotuber Pus – Highly abrasive liquid used to cure acne.
Bundimun – Looks like a patch of green mould and lives off of dirt; secretes an ooze which has the capabilities to rot houses.
Bundimun Secretion – Highly acidic secretion of the Bundimun used as a Magical Cleaning Product.


Calming Draught – Potion which calms the nerves of the drinker after an emotional trauma or shock.
Caterpillar – Small insect used in potions.
Centaur – Half human, half horse creatures which live in herds. Highly distrustful of both wizards and muggles, highly intelligent and foresee the future by star gazing.
Chaser – A Quidditch player that must score using the Quaffle.
Chimera – Vicious blood thirsty beasts which are difficult to kill. A cross between a Lion, goat and dragon.
Chizpurfle – Small parasite attracted to magic. Lives in the fur of other magical creatures or uncleaned cauldrons.
Clabbert – A cross between a Monkey and a Frog, these creatures feed off lizards. They flash different colours at any sign of danger, so are unfit to be kept where a Muggle may see them.
Cockatrice – Unknown creature which killed 3 headmasters on a rampage during the 1792 Tri-Wizard tournament.
Cockroach – Small insect used in Potions.
Codswallop – Not true, a lie
Confusing Concoction – A Potion which causes confusion in the drinker.
Confusing Draught – Potion which causes confusion in the drinker.
Cornish Pixies –
Electric blue, about eight inches high with pointy faces and a shrill voice.
Crocodile Heart – Heart of a Crocodile, used in Potions.
Crumple-Horned Snorkack
– A creature allegedly residing in Sweden, though the existence of it has never been proven.
Crup – Impossible to tell apart from a Jack Russel except by it’s forked tail. Vicious towards Muggles and a license is needed to keep one.


Daisy Roots – Plant which is used in potions when sliced.
Deflating Draught – Potion which shrinks whatever it touches. It is the antidote to the Swelling Solution.
Dementor – A tall, black, cloaked creature; Can determine if you are evil or up to no good. Its kiss sucks the soul out of the recipient.
Demiguise – A graceful ape in appearance, the Demiguise has the ability to turn invisible, making it’s fur highly sought after as it is used to make Invisibility Cloaks.
Diricawl – Referred to by Muggles as the “Dodo” it is believed to be extinct due to it’s ability to disappear and reappear elsewhere at will.
Disapparate – Ability to remove yourself from somewhere and appear elsewhere instantly.
Dittany – A curative plant used in healing potions.
Doxy – The biting fairy, a household pest with poisonous teeth, if bitten an antidote must be consumed.
Doxycide – Potion which knocks a Doxy temporarily unconscious.
Doxy Egg – Egg of the Doxy, which is presumed poisonous and used in the Weasley Twins line of products.
Dr. Ubbly’s Oblivious Unction – Relieves the physical injuries inflicted by thoughts.
Dragon – Extremely strong and powerful creature, difficult to slay as it’s thick hide is imbued with magic. Different breeds can grow to different sizes and have differing personalities and abilities.
Dragon’s Blood – Highly magical substance which has 12 uses. Used in potions.
Draught of Living Death – Potion which makes the drinker fall into such a heavy sleep that they appear to have died.
Draught of Peace – A potion which relieves anxiety and agitation in the drinker.
Droobles Best Blowing Gum – Can fill a room with bluebell-colored bubbles that refuse to pop for days
Dugbog – Resembles a piece of driftwood, has extremely sharp teeth and feed off small mammals.
Dungbomb – When one of these is set off it stinks up a large area around it.
Dwarf – A magical person, small in stature.


Elixir to Induce Euphoria – Potion which causes excessive happiness in the drinker.
Eels Eyes – Potion ingredient used in a cure for Spattergoit.
Elixir of Life – Potion made from the Philosopher’s Stone which grants the drinker extended life.
Emerald Green Potion – Potion which causes extreme thirst, fear and delirium in the drinker. Voldemort used this potion to protext one of his Horcruxes.
Erised, The Mirror of – A mirror that shows what you desire most, Erised spelt backwards is desire.
Erkling – A German elf-sized creature whose cackle attracts young children straight into it’s open mouth.
Erumpent – Resembling a Rhino, the Erumpent’s horn can pierce any material.
Erumpent Horn – Horn of the Erumpent which can pierce any material.
Erumpent Horn Exploding Fluid – Fluid from the horn of an Erumpent, it is highly explosive.
Erumpent Tail – The tail of the Erumpent.
Everlasting Elixirs – Potions which are either permanent or never run out.


Fairy – Small winged creature which gives off a small light. Used as decorations by Witches and Wizards.
Felix Felicis – Also known as “Liquid Luck”. This Potion makes the drinker lucky.
Fire Crabs – Resembling a tortoise, this creature has a jeweled shell and a license is required to own one. Burns can ensue due to the fire that the crab shoots out of it’s rear end when threatened.
Flesh Eating Slug – Enjoy eating cabbage, little is known about them.
Flobberworm – Boring creature which does little other then eat and ooze.
Flobberworm Mucus – Mucus from the Flobberworm, used to thicken Potions.
Floo Powder – When thrown into a fire it can transport a witch or wizard anywhere connected on the Floo network using fireplaces.
Fluxweed – Plant which must be picked at full moon to be used in the Polyjuice Potion.
Forgetfulness Potion– This potion causes the drinker to suffer from memory loss.
Fwooper – Brightly coloured bird whose feathers are used for quills. A license is needed to keep one and they are sold with a silencing charm as the song of the Fwooper will drive the listener insane.


Galleon – A gold piece of wizard money
Ghoul – Simple minded creature, harmless in nature that lives in Wizarding homes.
Ghost – An imprint of a person who has died and has not chosen to move on.
Giant – Large human like creatures who hate magic or Wizards who cast magic.
Giant Squid – Giant sized squid which lives in the Black lake of Hogwarts. Harmless to students.
Gillyweed – Plant that allows you to breath underwater
Ginger Root – Plant which is used as an ingredient in the Wit Sharpening Potion.
Glumbumble – Gray flying insect which produces a melancholy treacle used to cure the hysteria caused by eating Ailhotsy leaves.
Glumbumble Treacle – Used as an antidote to excessive hysteria created by consuming Ailhotsy leaves.
Gnome – Small, leathery looking creature with a large knobby, bald head exactly like a potato.
Goblin – Small, extremely crafty creatures. Run the Wizarding bank, Gringotts and are excellent craftsman.
Graphorn – Large aggressive creature whose horns and hide are valued as Potion Ingredients.
Graphorn Horn – Horn of the Graphorn, when powered it is a common ingredient for Potions.
Griffin – Fierce creatures which can be befriended via persistence. Useful for guarding Wizarding treasure.
Griffin Horn – Used as an ingredient in Strengthening Solution when powered.
Gryffindor – (1) One of the four greatest wizards of all times, helped construct Hogwarts
(2) A Hogwarts house section
Grindylow – Water demons, live in lakes all over the UK, aggressive to both Muggles and Wizards though have been known to be domesticated by Merpeople.
Grim – A giant spectral dog that haunts graveyards, believed to be an omen of death.
Gringotts – The wizard bank.
Grunnings – A muggle company that makes drills; Mr. Dursley works for this company


Hag – Live amongst witches and wizards and eats raw liver and children.
Hair Raising Potion – The exact effects of this potion are unknown, though presumably makes the user excited, or makes their hair stand on end.
Heliopath – Spirit of fire that allegedly burns everything before it. Unconfirmed if actually exists.
Hiccuping Solution – Potion which makes the drinker have the hiccups.
Hinkypunk – A little one-legged creature that looks like it is made of wisps of smoke; holds a lantern in it’s hand and lures travelers into bogs.
Hippocampus – Water beast, cross between a horse and a fish.
Hippogriff – Half horse, half bird with gleaming coats of different colors.
Hogwarts – School for witches and wizards, located in Scotland, Great Britain.
Hogwarts Express – The train that brings Hogwarts students to Hogwarts. Travels from platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross station, London to Hogsmeade Village.
Horklump – Mushroom shaped garden pest.
Horned Slug – Slug used in an unnamed potion to cure boils.
Horned Toad – Used in unspecified potions.
House-Elf – A small magical creature that is generally a slave to their owners. they must punish themselves if they disobey an order or speak ill of their “family”.
Howler – A letter that lets out yells one-hundred times louder than usual, will explode if unopened.
Hufflepuff – (1) One of the four greatest wizards of all times, helped construct Hogwarts
(2) A Hogwarts house section
Hungarian Horntail – A type of dragon.


Imp – Natural pranksters, these pixie sized creatures can only be found in the UK.
Invigoration Draught – A potion which gives the drinker more energy.
Invisibility Cloak – A cloak that makes anything beneath it invisible.


Jarvey – Talking ferret, not capable of intelligent conversation but more a constant babble of insults and rude words.
Jobberknoll – Blue speckled bird that is silent thoughout it’s life. In it’s dying moment it regurgitates every noise it has ever heard in a long backwards sentence.
Jobberknoll Feather – Due to the fantastic memory of the Jobberknoll, it’s feathers are used in many memory and truth potions.


Kappa – Creepy water-dwellers that look like scaly monkeys with webbed hands.
Kelpie – Underwater shape shifter which eats humans.
Knarl – Highly suspicious Hedgehog which goes insane with paranoia at attempts to feed it, which it views as murder threats.
Kneazle – A cat like creature with high intelligence and an ability to spot untrustworthy individuals and to guide lost owners home.
Knotgrass– A plant used in the Polyjuice Potion.
Knut – A bronze piece of wizard money; 29 Knuts to a Sickle
Kwikspell – A course for squibs and others with poor magical power that helps improve magical power


Lacewing Flies – Wings of an insect used in the Polyjuice Potion.
Leech Juice – Fluid of a Leech, used in Shrinking Solution.
Leeches – Slugs which are used in the Polyjuice Potion.
Leprechaun – Small bearded men found only in Ireland. Produce gold which disappears in a few hours and have the ability to fly.
Lethifold – Also known as the “Living Shroud”. A black, cloack like figure of half an inch thick that glides across the ground and suffocates it’s victims. A Patronus is the only known repellent to the Lethifold.
Lionfish Spine – Spine of a fish which is named in the First years Potion kit.
Lobalug – Ten inch rubber sprout with a venomous sack attached, this underwater creature sprays it’s victims with ink when scared.
Lovage – A herb used to induce recklessness in the consumer.


Mackled Malaclaw – Lobster look a like that produces a fever and green rash if eaten. If bitten, the victim will have bad luck for up to a week.
Mandragora – See Mandrake
Marauders Map – A map that shows every detail of the Hogwarts castle
Mandrake – Is a powerful restorative, they form an essential part of most antidotes; The cry of a full grown Mandrake is fatal to anyone who hears it.
Mandrake Juice– Taken from the Mandrake plant, the juice is a powerful restorative.
Mandrake Restorative – A potion which restores those who have been Petrified or paralysed back to their original state.
Manticore – Highly dangerous creatures, it is a cross between a man, Scorpion and and Lion. It’s sting can kill instantly and it’s skin repels almost all spells.
Merpeople – Highly intelligent under water beings, appearance varies on where in the world the clan is from.
Moke – A small creature which can shrink at will, normally at the sign of danger. It’s skin is highly valued for making purses and wallets as it still retains the ability to shrink if anyone other the owner tries to open it.
Monkshood – See Aconite
Mooncalf – Creatures only spotted at full moons when they come out of their burrows to perform a complicated dance routine. Their manure, if collected before sunrise, is extremely fertile.
Moonstone– Stone, used in the Draught of Peace when powdered.
Mudblood – Foul name for someone who is Muggle born
Muggle – A person with absolutely no magical powers
Mummy – The bandaged corpse of a dead person.
Murtlap – Rat like creature with tentacles coming out it’s back. A vengeful creature who eats anyone who steps on it.


Nargles – Creature which allegedly infests mistletoe. No proof that it actually exists.
N.E.W.T. – Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests. Hogwarts students are required to take these in their final year.
Nettles – Common plant used in Boil Cure Potions.
Niffler – Black furry creature that is attracted to shiny things.
Nogtail – Cursed, stunted piglet that will slyly invade a pigs sty and suckle alongside the sows own piglets. The longer the Nogtail stays undetected, the longer the curse will remain on the farm.
Nundu – Large leopard like creature whose breath can cause an epidemic serious enough to wipe out an entire town. Very difficult to slay, takes over 100 highly skilled Wizards to bring one down.


Occamy – A serpant like creature with wings, feeds off small mammals and birds.
Ogre – Apparently able to mix with Witches and Wizards.


Parseltounge – Someone who can speak to and understand snakes
Patronus – A spell that can ward of dementors; Every wizard’s Patronus has a different shape.
Pepper Imps – Sweets that can cause you to breath fire.
Peppermint– A herb which is an optional ingredient to counter-act excessive hysteria produced in certain potions.
Pepperup Potion – A potion which relieves the symptoms of a cold or flu.
Phoenix – Legendary crimson bird who can die and be reborn from the ashes. Their tears have healing properties and these birds can carry immensely heavy loads. Their feathers are used as wand cores.
Photo-Developing Potion– A potion to develop photos with, that cause the people inside the pictures to move.
Polyjuice Potion – A potion which allows the drinker to turn into someone else for one hour. Cannot be used on any being other then humans.
Plimpy – A fish with legs, the Plimply is viewed as a pet by the Merpeople. Harmless creatures that nibble on the toes of unwary swimmers.
Pogrebin – A Russian creature, much like a rock, it stalks humans, crouching down when it’s prey turns around. If not found, the Pogrebin will ceaselessly follow it’s victim, causing lethargy and depression until they eventually break down at the hopelessness of it all.
Poltergeist – A creature of chaos. They are solid and able to interact with objects around them, normally to cause mayhem and mischief.
Pomegranate Juice – Liquid used in unspecified potions.
Porcupine Quills – Quills of a Porcupine used in a Boil Cure Potion.
Porlock – Shy creature used to guard horses.
Pufferfish Eyes – Eyes of a Puffer-fish used in Swelling Solution.
Puffskein – Custard yellow furry creature, totally harmless and loves being played with so is a perfect pet for Wizarding children. Miniature Puffskiens are bred by Fred and George Weasley and come in a variety of bright colours.


Quaffle – A large red ball, about the size of a soccer ball, used in Quidditch.
Quidditch – A wizard game played on broomsticks.
Quintaped – Mythical creature, also known as the “Hairy MacBoons”. Legend tells of a feud between two Scottish families, one turned the other into a large hairy beast, all attempts to Re-Transfigure these creatures into their original form have been met with fierce resistance from the highly aggressive creatures so the true story will never be known.


Ramora – A highly protected fish which is the guardian of Seafarers. Has many magical abilities, including that of being able to anchor a ship.
Rat Spleen – Spleen of a rat used in the Shrinking Solution.
Rat Tail – Tail of a rat used in the Hair Raising Solution.
Ravenclaw – (1) One of the four greatest wizards of all times, helped construct Hogwarts
(2) A Hogwarts house section
Red Caps – Nasty goblin like creatures that lurk wherever there had been bloodshed.
Re’em – Oxen with a golden hide whose blood gives the drinker immense strength.
Remembrall – Magical object which tells you if you have forgotten something to do.
Runespoor – Three headed serpent which is highly poisonous, as such the Ministry of Magic has designated them unplottable areas of land in which to live.
Runespoor Egg – Extremely rare and expensive egg which is used in potions to raise mental agility.


Salamander – Fire dwelling lizard that lives only as long as the fire from whence it came burns.
Salamander Blood – Blood of a Salamander, known for it’s restorative properties.
Scarab Beetles – Sacred insects used in Wit Sharpening Potions.
Scintillation Solution – A potion whose effects are unknown.
Scurvy Grass – Herb used in Confusing and Befuddlement Draughts.
Sea Serpent – Creature with a head of a horse and body of a snake, this underwater serpent has never been known to harm a human, despite the many horror stories told by Muggles.
Seeker – The most important Quidditch player, has to catch the Snitch.
Shrake – More then likely a creation of sailors intent on Muggle revenge. The Shrake is a sea dwelling creature which destroys the fishing nets of Muggle Fisherman.
Shrinking Solution – A Potion which causes the drinker to shrink in size and/or age.
Sickle – A silver piece of wizard money; 17 Sickles to a Galleon
Skele-Gro – A Potion which causes vanished or otherwise lost bones to regrow.
Sleakeazy’s Hair Potion – A cosmetic potion which makes unruly hair easier to style.
Sleeping Draught – A potion which causes the drinker to descend into a deep sleep.
Slytherin – (1) One of the four greatest wizards of all times, helped construct Hogwarts
(2) A Hogwarts house section
Snake Fang – Fang of a snake, when crushed, used in a Boil Cure Potion.
Snake Venom – Venom of a snake used in “Voldemort’s Potion”. Basilisk Venom is the most powerful poison known to Wizards.
Sneezewort – Herb used in Confusing and Befuddlement Draughts.
Snidget – A small, fast bird which is now highly protected. Was used used in Quidditch games until the introduction of the Snitch.
Snitch – A small golden ball with silver wings used in Quidditch to replace the Snidget.
Sopohorous Bean – Bean used in the Draught of the Living Death. More Potent if crushed rather then cut.
Sphinx – Cross between a Lion and a human, this Egyptian creature is renown for it’s riddles. Used as a guardian, the highly intelligent Sphinx only allows those who answer their questions correctly to pass.
Squib – Born to a wizard family, but has no magical powers
Streeler – Poisonous snail that kills everything it slithers past. It changes colour every hour and it’s venom is a known Horklump killer.
Strengthening Solution – A Potion which causes the drinker to increase in strength.
Swelling Solution – A potion which makes everything it touches swell up in size. The antidote to this potion is the Deflating Draught.
Syrup of Hellebore – A liquid needed in the Draught of Peace.


Tebo – Invisible Warthog whose hide is valuable for protective shields and clothes.
Thestral – Winged horse only visible to those who have seen death. They have a highly accurate sense of direction and are attracted to the smell of blood.
Toothflossing Stringmints – Cleans your teeth like floss
Troll – Large simple creature with little to no intelligence. Sometimes trained to be a guard, but this is not advisable due to their sheer stupidity.
Tubeworm – Worms used in unspecified potions.


Umgubular Slashkilter – A creature which has no proof to it’s existence, though some have claimed the Ministry of Magic have one of these as a weapon, so presumably it is a highly dangerous beast.
Unicorn – Beautiful pure silver horses whose horn and tail are all used in Potions because of their highly magical properties. Their blood can give life to someone who is an inch from death, but because they have slain something so pure their life will be cursed as a “half life”.
Unicorn Horn – Horn of a unicorn used in Potions made by first years.


Valerian Roots – Root which is used in the Draught of the Living Death.
Vampire – A human like being with a penchant for sucking blood.
Veela – Tall, beautiful women whose mere presence can cause men to do highly stupid and dangerous things to please them. Can be cross-bred with humans.
Veritaserum – The strongest truth potion in existence. Forces the drinker to tell the absolute truth.
Venemous Tentacula – Spiky, dark red plant with long feelers.


Werewolf – A human bit by a werewolf during the full moon will also become a werewolf. Every full moon they will transform into a beast and attack any humans they see. The Wolfsbane Potion will render the transformed Werewolf as harmless.
Whomping Willow – A very violent tree that stood alone in the middle of Hogwarts school grounds
Wit Sharpening Potion – A potion which allows the drinker to think more clearly.
Wolfsbane – See Aconite
Wolfsbane Potion – This Potion relieves the symptoms of lyncanthrophy, allows the drinker to retain their human mind, actions and senses while they convert to Werewolf form.
Wonder Witch Line – A line of love potions invented by Fred and George Weasley.
Wood Nymph – Small creature renowned for it’s serenades.
Wormwood – Plant used in the Draught of the Living Death as well as Muggle Medicines.




Yeti – Also known as Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman, the Yeti is rather like a Troll. It eats anything it comes across but is fearful of fire.


Zombie – Presumably the living dead.

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