Half-Blood Prince in HD for Free From Sky+HD

Harry Potter may be “the chosen one,” but Beyond Hogwarts readers have been chosen as special by Sky+HD!

Sky are giving their UK high definition customers a complimentary ticket to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Sky Box Office HD in their homes the same week that it is being released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK, and they wanted you, Beyond Hogwarts Harry Potter fans, to be the first to know.

It is part of the Sky+HD Party campaign, a chance to share the Sky+HD experience with friends. To help the party give customers the best experience of Sky+HD, Sky are offering their HD customers a complimentary Sky Box Office HD movie and a $10 M&S voucher.

Customers can take their pick from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Angels & Demons or The Hangover, showing exclusively from 11th � 13th December.

To set up their party, customers can visit sky.com/hdparty, and use their Sky+HD account number to sign up. Just so you know, this site currently has a holding page and will go live between 2 and 4pm GMT today.

Customers must set up their party and get 3 or more friends to accept their invitation before 5pm GMT on 17th November.

The parties are limited! Sky has allowed Beyond Hogwarts to tell you about this before the rest of the general public finds out about in on Sunday, so that the most loyal of Harry Potter fans in the UK gets to take advantage of this special opportunity.

For more information, visit sky.com/hdparty.

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David Haber
David Haber

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