New Brandon Sanderson Secret Project Announced

During today’s Brandon Sanderson reveal livestream, which was ostensibly about the new Words of Radiance leather-bound Backerkit, we got some very exciting news about yet another secret project. At the end of the stream, Brandon stared at the camera for an uncomfortable length of time, then slammed a manuscript on his desk and walked away as info popped up onscreen.

Here’s what we know about the newest secret project from Brandon Sanderson:

  • It is another Cosmere book
  • Takes place in the “Future Era”, i.e. the Space Age of the Cosmere
  • Will have high Cosmere connectivity

It has also been revealed that the title will be revealed March 21st, at which time there will also be a reading of the first chapter.

The man truly cannot be stopped. He already wrote four “extra” books last year, and now we’ve got yet another unexpected book lined up. Given that it’s going to reveal a lot of new Cosmere connections, it’s going to be a hotly anticipated one, and we’re very excited to learn more when the first chapter gets read.

It seems Sanderson simply can’t wait to write more about the future of the Cosmere. He’s already written the Sunlit Man, a secret project book that seems to take place in the Future Era — we’re feeling this is a safe assumption given that there’s space travel — and the new secret project looks to be in the same vein. We’re glad for it, as we feel a lot like Kelsier: it’s hard to wait for that next secret.

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