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Every Known Worldhopper in the Cosmere

Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere novels take place across a range of planets, in various stages of technological development. Most of the stories Sanderson has written thus far take place in worlds that are somewhere between the middle ages and the 19th…

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5 of the Best Stormlight Archive Moments

The Stormlight Archive is the centerpiece of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere — the extended universe that the majority of his published works take place in. As such, it contains many of Sanderson’s most iconic scenes, from the battle of Thaylen Field,…

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Brandon Sanderson’s Secret Project Novels, Ranked

Brandon Sanderson has always been a prolific author, but 2023 was a good year, even for him. He published a whopping four novels as part of his record-setting “secret novels” Kickstarter — plus another novel from the Skyward series, an…