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Cosmere Planets Ranked by How Much We’d Want to Live There

Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere is an incredibly diverse place, with the only similarities between worlds being that they almost all have humans, and most of the ones we know of have some form of Investiture (the Cosmere version of magic). Otherwise,…

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10 of the Best Hard Sci-Fi Books

Science fiction has struggled since its inception to shake off the notion that it isn’t serious, that it’s all about little green men, that it’s basically fantasy in space (my local library has a green alien head on all the…

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All of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Stories, Ranked

Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere is a vast, interconnected universe, full of colorful characters and equally colorful magic systems. He’s written almost thirty stories that take place in the Cosmere, from brief snippets and short stories to thousand-page epics. They all interconnect…