James/Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley) Interview With DarkMark

Over the course of early 2002, DarkMark Representitive Jennifer Stewart conducted an interview with the comical James and Oliver Phelps who portray the Weasley twins, Fred and George in the Harry Potter movies. Lucky enough, Jennifer handed DarkMark visitors the opportunity to submit their questions to be asked. Jennifer then compiled a list of queries for the twins. We hope you learn something and enjoy reading!

DarkMark: How did you find out about the movie/auditions?

James and Oliver Phelps: Mum heard auditions for characters were being held in Leeds (about 200 miles from where we live) We went expecting nothing.

DM: How did you find out you got the part?

JOP: The casting director phoned us after having about 3 or 4 auditions.

DM: What acting experience did you have prior to doing the movie?

JOP: Only at school.

DM: How do you manage schoolwork on top of filming?

JOP: Its difficult although we do get tutoring at the studios when we are away from school.

DM: What did you have to do to audition?

JOP: Read part of the script.

DM: Is acting in a movie different from acting on stage?

JOP: Yes. For stage you have to learn all your lines & in order. In a film it isn’t necessarily filmed in order. Also you only have to learn script for that particular scene being filmed.(hope you understand all that? lol.

DM: Did you read the four Harry Potter books before they started the movie (as research for the characters)?

JOP: Yes. Not just for the film, we read them before any auditions were even thought of.

DM: Are you two in any way like Fred and George?

JOP: Aren’t we all? Some things we are, others we’re not.

DM: Being that you are both considered celebrities now and tend to get noticed a lot more, what has been the craziest fan encounter yet? Or has there not been any?

JOP: Not really. On holiday last year, we were swimming in a pool & someone remarked about our read hair. Jockingly saying we could be Fred & George not realising we do in fact play their characters.

DM: Do you think becoming famous has changed you in any way?

JOP: No, perhaps we’ve matured quicker than we may otherwise have done. However we don’t regard ourselves as famous. We could probably walk past you in the street & you may not recognise us.

DM: Do you think it’s weird having people coming up to you asking for autographs and pictures?

JOP: Yes but very good fun. But as we’ve just said it doesn’t happen all the time.

DM: Do you think you will be able to take the pressure of filming the HP movies for couple of years?

JOP: We would love to do more HP pictures but that is out of our hands. We may outgrow the characters if they delay filming future HP movies.

DM: Thanks again James and Oliver for allowing us to interview you. We appreciate your responses and wish you good luck in your future acting careers!

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