7 New Vegas Factions We Need to know About in Fallout Season 2

With Amazon’s Fallout TV show heading to a suspiciously-dark New Vegas in Season 2, there are going to be quite a few questions that the showrunners will have to answer about the jewel of the Mojave. And, while we’ve already thought about the kinds of characters that might show up in Season 2 as we explore the Mojave, what might be an even more pressing question is what factions from Fallout: New Vegas might appear.

Factions are integral to Fallout as a franchise, especially Fallout: New Vegas, which could make it tricky for Jonathan Nolan and his team to know what to do with them. After all, some of the factions in New Vegas could’ve been destroyed by the Courier during the game’s events, while at the same time being fan-favorite factions that we’d love to at least know the fates of in the show. And so, in addition to listing all the factions that we think are likely to be explained or introduced, we will also discuss what Amazon’s Fallout show might do with them in Season 2.

The Brotherhood of Steel Mojave Chapter

First up, the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel was an offshoot of the larger West Coast Brotherhood, whose code of secrecy and control of the wasteland was even more extreme than what we see with Maximus’s chapter (which is likely to be from the East Coast). Stationed in the Hidden Valley bunker complex under the leadership of Elder Elijah, this chapter’s primary objective was the acquisition and preservation of advanced technology, often at the expense of other wasteland inhabitants who they deem unworthy or incapable of handling such power responsibly. But, before you go thinking they are too similar to the chapter we see in the show, it is also worth noting that the Mojave Chapter we saw in Fallout: New Vegas has dwindling numbers and was on the verge of collapse, and many endings of New Vegas necessitate their destruction.

hidden valley

In the show, it is very unlikely that the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood is still around. Between the likely actions of the Courier, the 15 years since they were last seen, and the extremely dwindling population (and their unpopularity in the region), the Mojave Chapter is likely either completely destroyed, or was absorbed into the larger Brotherhood. So, if they are present and destroyed (or if some of their members survived and entered the show’s Chapter), then they would serve as excellent warnings to Maximus about the potential future of the Brotherhood, and the cost of some of their more extreme beliefs.

The Followers of the Apocalypse

The Followers of the Apocalypse in Fallout: New Vegas were a faction of altruistic intellectuals dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the betterment of post-apocalyptic society. Nestled within the crumbling walls of the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside, on the outskirts of the Strip, they operated as a beacon of hope and healing for the downtrodden denizens of the Mojave Wasteland. Led by a council of scholars, the Followers provide essential medical aid, education, and humanitarian assistance to those in need, striving to alleviate suffering and foster a sense of community amidst the chaos of the wasteland. Fan-favorite companion Arcade Ganon was also a member of this faction.

old mormon fort

Unlike the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, the Followers of the Apocalypse seem very likely to have survived, and might still be around for the characters to meet in Season 2. They would serve as beacons of hope and reasoned humitarianism in a world that we’ve only seen as destroyed previously, and would demonstrate to our largely-disillusioned main characters that there are still people fighting to make a positive change in the wasteland. As well, as pacifist humanitarians, they would be excellent factions for any of the characters to ally with, and any of their members could easily require Lucy’s help, whose goals would closely align with them.


Jacobstown was a sanctuary nestled amidst the rugged peaks of the northern Mojave Wasteland, serving as a refuge for super mutants and other outcasts seeking solace from the harsh realities of the post-apocalyptic world. Founded and led by Marcus (a legacy character from Fallout 2), a wise and compassionate former member of the Master’s army, Jacobstown embodied the spirit of acceptance and unity, welcoming individuals regardless of their race or past transgressions, including Enclave remnants. The settlement boasted a tranquil atmosphere, with rustic cabins and verdant groves providing a peaceful respite from the dangers lurking beyond its borders.


So, considering this in light of the show, we doubt Jacobstown has fared very well. The seeming abandonment (or at least severe attrition) of New Vegas would spell disaster for the burgeoning trade that Marcus was trying to set up, and the hostility of many factions toward Super Mutants was always a looming threat even during the events of the game. However, as a place of hope, it or its ruins could serve the plot of Season 2 thematically, and could introduce Super Mutants (and maybe even the Enclave) in an elegant, fitting way.

Caesar’s Legion

Caesar’s Legion was an authoritarian, militaristic faction led by the charismatic-but-ruthless Caesar, also known as Edward Sallow. Inspired by the ancient Roman Empire, the Legion operates under a strict hierarchical structure, where obedience and discipline are paramount, and where slavery and misogyny are commonplace. With a strong emphasis on conquest and expansion, they seek to impose their authoritarian rule across the Mojave Wasteland, viewing themselves as the ultimate solution to the chaos and lawlessness plaguing the region. The Legion’s forces are comprised of disciplined soldiers known as legionaries, supplemented by slaves captured during their campaigns, who are forced to serve under brutal conditions.

the fort

Being ostensibly the second of the major factions in Fallout: New Vegas (the first being the NCR, which we’ve not included on this list), Caesar’s Legion ought to have been a major player in the Mojave regardless of how New Vegas canonically ended. Whether or not Caesar’s Legions still exists as a faction, especially if Caesar himself is likely to have died, is up for debate, but no matter what their presence should be felt in the form of aesthetics, government ideals, and characters, to say nothing of the thematic potential such an authoritarian faction would have on each of the main characters.

The Boomers

The Boomers in Fallout: New Vegas were a reclusive and isolationist group of individuals who had taken up residence at the Nellis Air Force Base, converting it into a heavily fortified and heavily armed settlement. The Boomers possessed an intense fascination with explosives and aircraft, and at the time of the game had honed a formidable arsenal capable of defending their territory against any intruders. Their isolationist tendencies stemmed from a deep-seated fear of the outside world, which they perceived as hostile, dangerous, and tribal, leading them to live in near-total seclusion and shoot down any aircraft or individuals who approach their territory.

nellis air force base

For the sake of the show, the Boomers are a strange case. On one hand, their isolationism from New Vegas and intense focus on self-defense imply that they may have faired just fine without New Vegas nearby, perhaps even thriving. On the other hand, many of the Courier’s possible actions in the game made them less isolationist, and often got them directly involved with the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, which could go either way for their stability. In either case, a faction of non-Vault-Dwelling isolationists would be a good parallel for Lucy, and could provide an excellent setting and group to interact with for an episode or two (that wouldn’t shake whatever politics have been established in the Mojave since).

The Three Families

The Three Families in Fallout: New Vegas were powerful and influential factions that dominated the politics and economy of the New Vegas Strip. Comprising the Chairmen, the Omertas, and the White Glove Society, each family holds sway over different aspects of the Strip’s operations, including entertainment, crime, and high society. The Chairmen, known for their distinctive suits and love of retro culture, oversee the casinos and entertainment venues, injecting a sense of nostalgia and charm into the bustling streets. Meanwhile, the Omertas operate as the Strip’s underworld syndicate, engaging in illicit activities such as gambling, extortion, and even assassination to maintain their grip on power. Lastly, the White Glove Society were a group of cannibals who operated an elite casino, using luxury and style as a front for their cannibalism.

the strip

Before Mr. House reawakened the New Vegas strip, the Three Families were a group of tripes, and had extensive connections across the Mojave. After the New Vegas Strip came to life, they were given unity and a sense of civilization, but did not cease their nefarious ways. As such, no matter the shape New Vegas will be in, it seems inevitable that one or more of the Three Families will still be around, trying to run what little remains of the strip, likely in absence of the NCR, Mr. House, or the Legion. While we can’t say for sure what their role might be in Season 2, we can assume that they will be important for whatever civilization is left in New Vegas itself.

The Kings

The Kings in Fallout: New Vegas were a distinctive faction residing in Freeside, known for their collective impersonations of Elvis Presley and a sense of “honor among thieves,” they represented a kind of Jets-esque street justice. Led by the charismatic and flamboyant leader, The King, this gang had transformed themselves during the events of New Vegas into a benevolent force within the rough streets of Freeside, standing up for the people in New Vegas’s fringes while always maintaining their ineffable 1950s style.

the kings

And the Kings are… interesting. Most endings of Fallout: New Vegas see them surviving, and, more than not, they end up in some what operating as the leaders of Freeside, their goals to help the people of the outskirts in-tact. At the same time, they are still a violent gang ready to defend themselves and others, with enough tact to make it on the hard streets of New Vegas. If New Vegas — and Freeside, presumably — has become abandonned entirely, then they seem unlikely to still be hanging around. But, if there is any civilization left in or near New Vegas and its surrounding regions, it is not impossible to imagine the Kings reigning supreme in the absense of the larger dogs.

So, as you can see, there are quite a few factions that might show up in Season 2 of Fallout: New Vegas, or whose remnants might very well impact the plot and direction of the series’s continuation. That isn’t even to mention the NCR, the Enclave Remnants, the Crimson Caravan, or any of the many settlements throughout the Mojave, any of which could easily appear as well, though we do think these are the most likely to appear, and the most important.

So, what do you think? Will the King return? What about the Legion? And, if so, what are their roles going to be in the next season. Let us know in the comments below.

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