HBO Unveils 2 New Trailers & A Release Date for House of the Dragon Season 2

HBO released not one, but two new trailers for House of the Dragon Season 2 today. The trailers cover both sides of the Targaryen family: House Black (named for Rhaenyra’s House Targaryen, with its black banners) and House Green (named for Alicent’s House Hightower, with its green banners).

The trailers also revealed the date the first episode of the season will air: June 16th. So we’re less than three months out!

Not much of the coming story is revealed in the trailers. We’re reminded of the current status of the feud, with Alicent convinced that her late husband wanted their son Aegon to be king, and Rhaenyra now ready to go to war over the murder of her own son, Lucerys. We see a funeral, most likely for Lucerys, and some scenes that look like House Black is gathering allies. Alicent and Rhaenyra both express their feelings about the current situation, and Aemond hopes to do battle with Daemon. And of course, there are dragons!

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